Mason Greenwood Is Being Investigated By Police For Buying ‘designer gear for alleged sex victim while on bail’


    Mason Greenwood is in another investigation saga over violation of his bail condition by purchasing fashionable apparel for his alleged sexual assault victim.

    Mason Greenwood investigated for a "second bail breach" after discovering that he had purchased fashionable apparel for a sex victim

    It is alleged that despite being scheduled to testify at the player’s trial, the woman had access to his bank account.

    Last week, the garments were ordered online and delivered to her home.

    Coercive and controlling behavior is one of the accusations against the football player, who was already suspected of breaking bail laws last month.

    Greenwood was also accused of attempted rape and assault resulting in actual bodily harm. The embattled Manchester United forward will be tried in November of next year over these allegations.

    Greenwood, 21, who has also represented England, met with the judge on Monday at Manchester’s crown court.

    During the meeting, the £75,000 weekly striker was reminded by Judge Maurice Greene that his bail restrictions still apply.

    They are said to forbid him from getting in touch with his claimed victim, either directly or indirectly.

    However, it’s alleged that on Friday, Greenwood’s bank account was used to make a purchase from the online retailer Luxe To Kill for £86 of women’s clothing.

    The business was allegedly given instructions online to deliver the goods to the claimed victim’s home address.

    The purported purchase is known to Greater Manchester Police, who are investigating any claims that it violated Greenwood’s bail conditions.

    The Sun was informed on Sunday by a source that Greenwood did not place the order on the online store himself.

    Police initially detained Greenwood of Bowdon, Great Manchester, in January of this year due to claims involving a lady after pictures and videos were uploaded online.

    After being granted bail, he was re-arrested last month after being caught in a clip with his alleged victim in violation of his bail conditions.

    Mason Greenwood  investigatin by Police over 'designer gear for alleged sex victim while on bail'

    On October 17, after appearing before Manchester magistrates court, he was remanded in custody but was freed from jail two days later after a private bail hearing.

    According to reports, the attempted rape happened in October 2021.

    Between November 2018 and October of this year, he is said to have engaged in controlling and coercive behavior, including accessing and monitoring the complainant’s social media accounts and making threatening and disparaging remarks to her.

    The assault charge with actual bodily injury is from December 2021.

    The United management team suspended Greenwood following his arrest.

    He made his Three Lions debut for England at the age of just 18 in September 2020 during a Nations League match against Iceland.

    Before his arrest, Greenwood was regarded as one of the most exciting young talents in European football, with a market worth of about £50 million.

    When the defendant returns to court on February 10, he’ll be required to enter a plea to the allegations.

    Will Mason Greenwood play for United again?

    Mason Greenwood is still free on bail several months after being detained on rape and murder-threat suspicions, and the police have not yet filed formal charges. Manchester United continues to pay the suspended forward £75,000 per week.

    Greenwood, a 21-year-old who was described of having the talent to be one of the finest players in the world, is now out of football for over seven months due to litigations.

    One indication that he once played for United is still discernible to the general public. The club website still features Greenwood’s bio, which describes him as “an exciting striker who has been well ahead of schedule in terms of his progress.”


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