Mason Greenwood is still a Manchester United player, the club reacts after fans complaint that Greenwood’s profile is still active on the club’s website

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Manchester United were forced to remind critics that Mason Greenwood is still the club’s player even though he remains suspended by the club.

Recall that in January this year, Manchester United suspended the 20-year-old English right-winger after his estranged girlfriend, Harriet Robson, took to social media to reveal that Mason Greenwood sexually assaulted her, rapped her, and threatened to kill her.

She published video and audio evidence to back up her claims which attracted the attention of the world to the scandal and led to the arrest of the out-of-favor England international.

Due to the scandal, Manchester United announced that Greenwood has been suspended from the club’s squad indefinitely. The club went as far as taking down all Greenwood’s merchandise off the club’s online store pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

Aside from the sanctions from Manchester United, Greenwood lost his endorsement deals including those he had with Nike and Cadbury. Even video games like FIFA 22 and Football Manager 2022 have removed Mason Greenwood’s profile from the games’ server.

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Since late February, the scandal has relatively grown quiet as the media and other stakeholders involved barely talk about it especially after the football star was granted bail which will expire on April 30.

But on Thursday, March 31, it surfaced on the internet that Mason Greenwood’s profile has resurfaced on Manchester United’s official website despite the ongoing rape and sexual assault scandal.

Mason Greenwood of Manchester United.
Mason Greenwood’s official profile on Manchester United’s official website as seen on April 1, 2022.

The report sparked speculations that the Premier League club had reinstated Mason Greenwood back to the club even though the courts in Greater Manchester were yet to prove him innocent or guilty.

Due to the speculations, Manchester United had to issue a statement on the said date to clarify that though Greenwood is still contracted to the club and his profile appears on the club’s website, he reminds suspended until further notice.

The club explained that Greenwood’s profile was only removed from the club’s app but has always been on the club’s website before and during his ongoing suspension.

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“There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status,” the club’s statement read, according to The Sun.

“We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January.

“This was to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions, etc.

“However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.”

Before now, a report by SunSport claimed that Manchester United have paid Mason Greenwood the sum of £267,850 in wages since the club suspended the embattled footballer.

On the other hand, Harriet Robson, Greenwood’s alleged victim has been offered “specialist support”, according to a report by GMP.

Before the scandal, Greenwood has played 24 games in all competitions in which he scored 6 goals and provided two assists in all competitions this season. He has made one appearance for England’s national team before the scandal.

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