Philipp Lahm, Ex-Bayern Munich Player Criticizes Messi And Mbappe


Philipp Lahm, former Bayern Munich, and Germany star player has strongly criticized Paris Saint Germain and Lionel Messi following their UEFA Champions League exit.

Philipp Lahm

After PSG’s unfortunate elimination from the Champions League at the hands of the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, Messi has come under even greater criticism.

Philipp Lahm concedes that the seven times Ballon d’Or winner showed moments of brilliance in the second leg of the round of 16 games, but he was mostly unimpressed with the player and thought he posed little threat to the other team.

Lahm was quite critical of the expensively formed PSG team after their 3-0 aggregate loss to Bayern Munich.

Philipp Lahm

To further emphasize his point that Kylian Mbappe failed to live up to expectations, Lahm added: “In Munich, he (Mbappe) sat back and waited for the pass to come to him. How Mbappe’s career should develop in Paris is beyond my knowledge”.

Lahm, a former fullback for Bayern continued by criticizing PSG as a team, but he wasn’t too surprised by what he witnessed.

The big picture:

Philipp Lahm

Throughout the last seven seasons of the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain have been eliminated in the round of 16 on five occasions, which is at least twice as often as any other team.

Despite having superstars like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and Messi on their roster, PSG lost to Bayern in the 2020 Champions League final.

Lahm thinks the leaders of Ligue 1 are throwing away Messi’s brilliance by not getting him to sign a new contract when his current one expires.

What Philipp Lahm said about Paris Saint Germain;

“PSG may make you depressed,” Lahm told reporters, he said he has sympathy for all the Paris Saint-Germain supporters who made the trip to Munich. The yearly passing of another year kills any remaining optimism that things would finally come together for them.

“None of the poise you’d expect from a squad boasting so many All-Stars was on display in Munich. A major letdown. This squad is like shopping in a high-end department store on steroids.

“Qatar is spending a lot of money on PSG. The plan has been successful politically, but the team has been a letdown on the field, and the club hasn’t changed much”.

What’s next for Paris Saint Germain?

The Ligue 1 champions will be in action against Lyon on the 2nd of April, 2023, in the French League, and they will be looking forward to continuing their fight for the League title until the end of the season.

On the other hand, Bayern Munich will continue its Champions League campaign against Manchester City on the 11th of April, 2023.

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