Mesut Ozil Has Created Most Chances In A Single Season Than Any Premier League Player

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Mesut Ozil has retired as the greatest Premier League playmaker with the most chances created in a single season.

Mesut Ozil is retiring as the greatest Premier League playmaker in history

Before announcing his full exit from the football scene as a player, Mesut Ozil first hung his international boots five years ago in 2018.

His retirement from Germany’s national team came amid heightened tensions and debate over the influx of refugees and migrants into Germany.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan sparked a debate when he said he has battled with racism because of his Turkish ancestry.

The comment triggered a spiral of debate in Germany’s political conversation which trickle down to other remote sectors, including German sports and soccer.

Mesut Ozil announced his retirement from Germany’s national team citing institutional racism that has eaten deep into Germany’s national football setup.

Five years after exiting Germany national team, Mesut Ozil has finally retired from football midway into the season with Turkish club Istanbul Basaksehir.

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Mesut Ozil was one of the finest midfielders ever known in club football and has been prolific throughout his playing career.

Ozil is the greatest Premier League playmaker with the most goal chances in a single football season.

In the 2015/16 Premier League season, Mesut Ozil hit a record 146 created goal chances for Arsenal – the highest ever goal chances ever created by a Premier League player in a single season.

Before Ozil established his mark in the Premier League as the greatest Premier League playmaker, the record was held by former Chelsea player and Premier League icon Frank Lampard.

Mesut Ozil
Chelsea legend Frank Lampard created 134 goal chances for Chelsea in 2008/09 season

Frank Lampard created 134 goal chances for Chelsea in the 2008/09 Premier League season, the highest ever recorded by a player then.

Frank Lampard’s historic milestone was left to be torpedoed by Mesut Ozil six years later.

Mesut Ozil
Former Crystal Palace star Payet had 119 goal chances for Magpies in 2015/16 season

The three other biggest playmakers in the Premier League are Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City, former Chelsea star Malouda, and former Crystal Palace and France midfielder Payet.

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Mesut Ozil
De Bruyne had 136 goal chances for Manchester City in 2019/20 season

Kevin De Bruyne narrowed down the record of Mesut Ozil in the 2019/20 Premier League season. He recorded 136 goal chances for Manchester City, 10 below Mesut Ozil.

Payet and Malouda have 119 and 118 maximum goal chances created in a season respectively. Payet recorded his feat while playing for Newcastle in the 2015/16 season, while Malouda recorded his feat while he plied his trade with Chelsea in the 2010/11 Premier League season.

Mesut Ozil
Former Chelsea star Malouda has 118 goal chances in 2010/11 season for Chelsea

List of best goal creators as shared by the Premier League

Mesut Ozil 146 for Arsenal (2015/16)

Kevin De Bruyne 136 for Manchester City (2019/20)

Frank Lampard 134 for Chelsea (2008/09 season)

Payet 119 for Crystal Palace (2015/16 season)

Malouda 118 for Chelsea (2010/11 season)

Why did Mesut Ozil retire from football?

Ozil has cited his recent injuries that has marred his spell with Turkish Basaksehir as one of the reasons he decided to hang the boot. He retired in the middle of the 2022-2023 season after making just four league appearances for Basaksehir.

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What is next for Mesut Ozil after retirement?

For now, Ozil has no planned after-football life than having enough time with his family and engaging with his fans on social media.

The former Arsenal star has hinted at spending more time with his family after leaving the pitch. He is also a lover video games which means he has a lot on his table already.

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