Paulo Dybala: The momentous unveiling for the new AS Roma star

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Paulo Dybala enjoyed a fantastic welcome from AS Roma fans which certainly confirmed to the Argentine player that he is loved in Rome.

Paulo Dybala: The momentous unveiling for the new AS Roma star

After saying a tearful goodbye to Juventus after seven seasons at the end of the previous campaign, Dybala appeared for a long time, to be headed for a transfer to Inter Milan.

The Argentine striker was obliged to go elsewhere in Italy since he wanted to continue playing in Serie A because Inter decided to re-sign Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea.

The arrival of Paulo Dybala at Roma

And that’s when Jose Mourinho showed up, securing what appears to be a transfer that might change the course of the first-ever UEFA Europa Conference League champions.

The ‘Special One’ is working to restore both his and Roma’s reputations in the European game, and the signing of a world-class athlete like Dybala feels like the biggest step forward thus far.

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As a result, it comes as no surprise that the fans at Stadio Olimpico greeted Dybala — a player who has won five Scudettos, no less — with welcoming arms.

The amazing unveiling of Dybala

Arguably, the way Roma fans welcomed Dybala during his official unveiling was one of the most amazing things we’ve witnessed modern history.

We are not exaggerating when we say that the electrifying atmosphere in Rome elevated the event to a level comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation at Bernabeu stadium that was jam-packed to the gills in 2009.

The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome’s EUR district was where the stage for Dybala’s big unveiling took place, according to Football Italia.

In what can only be described as a cauldron of passion, tens of thousands of partisan Roma fans congregated on the runway where the Fendi fashion brand presents its shows.

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Paulo Dybala: The momentous unveiling for the new AS Roma star

The massive, white headquarters of the fashion company, which were built under Benito Mussolini, were illuminated in the red and yellow of Dybala’s new employers.

Epic opening scenes for Paulo Dybala

After greeting the enthusiastic crowd and singing the club’s anthem as though a big game at the Stadio Olimpico was about to begin, the man himself stood up dressed as a Roma player.

Be sure to see what must rank as one of football’s greatest-ever transfer unveilings down below because, trust us when we say, there is no way we could possibly describe the epic scenes that would do them justice.

An exciting partnership

Even though Dybala’s move to Roma carries some risk, the 28-year-old must feel much better about it now that he has witnessed how much the supporters like him even before he has appeared in a single match.

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You may be excused for getting extremely enthused about the upcoming season considering that he can also count on Mourinho to devote his heart and soul into making the transfer a success.

Even if Dybala’s move to Rome turns out to be a failure, he has already accomplished something absolutely exceptional at the club by getting a welcome fit for the ages.

Can Dybala measure up to the excitement and jubilation that the AS Roma supporters showed him in their welcome? Will he assist Mourinho and the team in capturing additional championships and elevate Roma back to the top of the Italian Serie A? Only time will tell.

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