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Paul Pogba Supports the Fight for Justice with a New Symbolic Cut

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Paul Pogba has become one of the most vocal footballers in the Premier League that won’t stop reminding the world the need to ensure that there is justice for all. Recently, the Manchester United midfielder took that move a step further by deciding to have a hair cut with a symbol that represents the fight for justice.

The 27-year-old World Cup-winning French footballer took to Instagram to share a picture of his new hair cut especially the part where the symbol can be clearly seen. The symbol is a fist raised in the air which was made popular by former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

The late iconic figure became popular on the world stage in the 1950s when he led South African youths to fight against the then apartheid regime in the country. His continuous fight against the injustice blacks in the country were subjected to earned him numerous arrests and prison sentences until in the early 90s. He won the battle against injustice in the country, became a free man and won the first democratic election in South Africa in 1994. This made him the first black president in the country.

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During his days as a freedom fighter, Mandela was known to always raise his right fist in the air whenever he was speaking to his supporters or reacting to the praises of his followers who were mostly blacks.

This symbol has become very prominent across the world whenever it comes to the fight against injustice. Since an African-American, George Floyd was killed in a broad daylight by a white police officer, the call against racial discrimination and oppression of coloured people have become more pronounced.

Some Football clubs and players, especially in the Premier League, have made it a tradition to always take a kneel with their fist raised in the air. Liverpool football club was the first to start this tradition as a team in the Premier League.

Before now, Paul Pogba has taken to Twitter and Instagram to speak against racial discrimination and injustice. He has urged his fans, especially his followers on social media to preach against anything that signifies injustice around them.

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The new hair cut is Pogba’s latest effort to enforce the message and highlight the importance of justice for all. In the caption of the picture, Pogba wrote: “ŋơ ʝųʂɬıƈɛ ŋơ ℘ɛąƈɛ ✊🏾#wewontstopfighting #notoracism #blackexcellence”.

Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes’ injury scare

Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes
Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba and his midfield partner, Bruno Fernandes were surprisingly in action on Saturday against Bournemouth after the news went viral that they both collided during training. The viral report said Fernandes was worse hit in the accident but it seems Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the manager of United, has nothing to worry about.

Manchester United won the Saturday’s match 5-2 with Fernandes making it to the scoreboard in the 59th minute of the game. The win has kept them 2 point closer to a Champions League spot with five fixtures to go.

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