See the amount Liverpool spent to get their 19th Premier League title

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It is no longer news that Liverpool has clinched their first Premier League title in three decades, but the amount spent to get players to prosecute the plan w\also becomes a topic of discussion.

Liverpool had missed winning the title last season with just a point behind former champions Manchester City. According to the available data, the Merseyside club since their last triumph in 1990 has had 239 players and spent £1.47bn before finally laying their hands on title number 19.

When Liverpool’s players were parading the trophy on 1 May 1990, around a packed and joyous Anfield, they wouldn’t know that it would take another 30 years for such celebration to hold in the city. With transfers made, goals scored and games won, all these were not enough until now that they recorded a remarkable record-breaking season.

Players, managers, and money  Liverpool have put into the pursuit of EPL number 19

BBC reports that Liverpool have since the start of the 1990-91 season played 1,149 games, which is 103,410 minutes (apart from injury time) in pursuit of that 19th title, out of which they won 595 matches with a win percentage of around 52 percent. The Anfield team also scored 1,968 goals ( with an overall goal difference of +822) and recorded 2,075 points.

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In 28 wins, 70 goals were recorded, with 86 points amassed, but all these were in a vain attempt at league glory. Liverpool had gotten better of Tottenham Hotspurs as they had reached their highest points against them (108 in three decades from 60 encounters).

Jürgen Klopp

Klopp touted as another Kenny Dalgish

From the Merseyside derby, the Reds have won 105 points against Everton, while West Ham has been plundered for 101.

Teams they have 100 percent win against include Brighton, Cardiff, Huddersfield, and Notts County.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are the teams that have done the most consistent damage to Liverpool’s title aspirations since 1990-91. The clubs mentioned are all multiple title winners during the Reds’ barren three decades.

Surprisingly, Blackpool is the only team Liverpool is yet to take a single point from in the top flight in the past 30 seasons. The Orange beat them home and away in their one Premier League campaign in 2010-11.

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Liverpool has also had nine permanent managers since the start of the 1990-91 season after Kenny Dalglish recorded three league triumph with the team. His return to the team was for a trophy with the club, while Brendan Rodgers was agonizingly close to winning a trophy with the club.

Liverpool has finally found a successor in Jurgen Klopp. The German tactician has been touted another Kenny Dalglish. But this won’t come without a sacrifice from a team that had signed the likes of Andy Carroll, who joined from Newcastle and scored six goals in 44 league games, Christian Benteke (£32.5m, nine goals in 29 games) or Mario Balotelli (£16m, one goal in 16 appearances).

After buying about 40 players under Rafa Benitez, Liverpool finally got what they have been waiting for in the 2019-2020 season with some players that came from the club’s academy and shunned out great performances. Some of the academy graduates include Robbie Fowler, Gerrard, Carragher, Michael Owen, and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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However, the likes of Van Dijk, Alisson, and Naby Keita, who were the top three biggest deals the club have made in that time playing a prominent role in bringing Liverpool their 19th title.

Liverpool supporters flock Anfield

The Liverpool supporters have waited longer than they imagined for this 19th title, and they deservedly celebrated in a big version despite the fear of the coronavirus infection.

Liverpool fans celebrate in thousands at Anfield. Photo credit: BBC

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to celebrate it inside the Anfield games are to be played behind closed doors.

Unsurprisingly, after Chelsea defeated Man City 2-1 on Thursday night, thousands of them flocked Anfield to celebrate the club’s first Premier League title.

As part of the celebration, they set off flares and fireworks within half an hour of the result.  It was gathered that about 2,000 fans had gathered outside the stadium with some celebrating above the players’ entrance.

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