Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay had a love party at their mansion in Manchester

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Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay had a love party at their mansion during the week and the Manchester United star took to Instagram to flaunt the pictures.

In some of the pictures the 28-year-old football star shared on Thursday, September 16, 2021, he, his wife, and his son, Labile Shakur, could be seen chilling in a ball pool.

They gave different poses to the admiration of Pogba’s 48 million Instagram followers. Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay did not stop there, they also posed with some family members including Pogba’s mother Yeo Moriba.

Based on the setting of the pictures, it looked like the Manchester United and French midfielder had a big private party at his home on Thursday evening, September 16.

In the caption, Paul Pogba wrote: “family is a circle of strength and love founded with faith joined by love and kept by God. Together forever. Inshallah”.

Though Paul Pogba did not reveal what he and Maria Zulay was celebrating, it is suspected that they were celebrating their wedding anniversary based on the wording of the above caption.

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Over the years, Paul Pogba has been very secretive about some details of his private life especially his relationship with Maria Zulay and the face of his son.

Recall that Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay have been dating since 2017. Since the footballer is a practicing Muslim, the Bolivian stylist and model had to convert to Islam for the sake of the footballer.

Even though they are very active on Instagram, they always try to keep some details about them very private.

For instance, when the footballer engaged the Bolivian model, they didn’t flaunt it on Instagram. It took the inquisitive nature of Pogba’s followers to notice a diamond ring on her left finger.

Maria Zulay’s public outing with Pogba’s mother in 2018 further confirmed that she and the footballer are in a very serious relationship.

In 2019, the Bolivian damsel stunned her followers when she deactivated her Instagram account and then reactivated it a few days later with a changed name. She returned with the name “Maria Zulay Pogba Salaues” which was perceived to be a confirmation that they are officially married.

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However, since then, Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay have never issued any statement related to marriage nor posted any wedding pictures on social media.

It took the lovebirds two years to flaunt the face of their son, Labile Shakur on Instagram despite posing with the boy in a series of pictures in the past. The boy was born in January 2019.

At the time of publishing this report, Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay were having the best time of their lives in Manchester amidst strong transfer speculation linking the footballer with FC Barcelona.

His contract with Manchester United will expire on June 30, 2022. If he fails to extend his stay at Old Trafford, he would be allowed to leave the club for free next summer.

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