Paul Pogba and his mom Yeo Pogba are very close and they always have fun together. See this video

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Paul Pogba’s mom’s name is Yeo Pogba and she is one of the most supporting football moms out there. Paul Pogba and his brothers are very hard-working brothers and they also know how to have fun. They love to dance as a family and mama Pogba got moves too.

In the video below, Paul Pogba and his mom put up a little dancing moves before the Dab.

Pogba once described his mom as his first girlfriend, he is a hardworking mama’s boy.

Yeo Moriba Pogba and Paul Pogba’s dad Fassou Antonie Pogba had three children. They have a set of twins named Florentin and Mathias and then Paul Pogba was born after them.

Paul’s life change in 1996; it was the year that Paul’s parents Fassou Antonie Pogba and Yeo Moriba divorced. Paul was raised by his mom along with his two brothers, and that made the family very close. However, French law allows the father to be part of his children’s life following a divorce. As a result, Antonie Pogba was very present in his children’s life.

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Paul has a good relationship with his dad but his relationship with his mom is very special they love each other, talk a lot, and are usually seen together when paul has a big event going on. In the video above, Paul and his mom Yoe were dancing and they then finished the dance with a dab ( Pogba’s signature move after he scores).

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