Video of Lionel Messi Crying while celebrating Copa America victory with Argentina fans


Lionel Messi was very emotional today as he busted into tears in front of thousands of Argentina fans while celebrating the Copa America trophy with them. The Argentine had a rough history when it comes to winning a trophy for his national team. He has been disgraced in the past for not being able to win any trophy for his country. But now, the story has changed. Lionel Messi won the Copa America cup this year, 2021, however, the celebration was delayed due to covid.

This year, the story changed, Argentina won the Copa America cup after they beat Brazil, and today Messi was able to celebrate the win with the fans after a 3 -0 victory over Bolivia (a world cup qualifier match).

The crowd chanted his name, Lionel Messi was so emotional and he started crying. Check out the video above.


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