Orlando Pride implement dark coloured shorts due to period concerns


    National Women Soccer League side Orlando Pride have revealed that they would change the club’s white shorts due to period concerns. 

    They announced that this was a move intended to make players comfortable during their period. 

    Orlando Pride had in the past worn white shorts as part of their second kit but players would now put on black after the new change. 

    Front view of Orlando Pride players

    A midfielder of the side Erika Tymrak stated clearly that the club had made a big step by approving the change

    She said: “The reasons behind not wanting to wear white shorts are clear, but it is unfortunately something that hasn’t been addressed until recently” 

    “I think it’s a big step for us as a Club to make players feel comfortable and allow us to focus solely on competing.” 

    Orlando Pride are the first NWSL team to change their shorts to a dark colour as a result of concerns during period and the club is looking to eradicate the stigma involved in discussing issues that relate to women health. 

    Orlando Pride showed statistics from the Women’s Sports Foundation which indicates that by the age of 14, girls drop out of sports at twice the amount of boys and puberty being seen as an influential factor.

    The American club said all girls teams within the club’s youth system will also put on dark shorts for both practice and games.

    The National Women Soccer League club said the standard that will remain going forward would show the change, they have also pledged to provide “first-class player experience and care” to players. 

    Orlando Pride are the most recent organisation to make this switch following the announcement of All England Club in November.

    All England Club revealed its distinctive all-white rule will be modified for this year’s tournament after calls from players of the team. 

    Orlando Pride updated Luna Kit

    The change is targeted at bringing to a minute state and level the anxiety for players around menstrual cycles.

    Orlando Pride are also hoping the change will help to “maximize performance and increase accessibility to sport”.

    Manchester City followed that route last year

    This innovation is coming after heightened fear over the use of white shorts in the women’s game. Last year, Manchester City became the first team in the Women’s Super League to remove white shorts.

    And in recent time, the Lionesses spoke publicly about their drive for Nike’s England kit to have a change of colour over period issues, a decision the club wants stamped before this World Cup coming up in the summer. 

    By making player welfare of utmost importance to the club, Orlando Pride’s move will certainly bring on board a positive wholesome effect in the league and abroad.


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