Servando Carrasco is the husband of Alex Morgan: here is what you need to know about the American soccer players

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Servando Carrasco was an American soccer player between 2007 and 2020. He is married to Alex Morgan, a member of the US women’s soccer national team.

The out of favors soccer star was born on August 13, 1988, in Coronado, California, the United States which means that he is currently 33-year-old.

Servando Carrasco started his soccer career at San Diego Surf in 2007. He joined UC Berkeley on August 1, 2007, before he joined Seattle on January 13, 2011.

Alex Morgan’s husband has played for Houston, Kansas City, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Between January and July 2020, the American soccer player was without a club.

Carrasco briefly joined Fort Lauderdale on July 17, 2020, and remained at the club until December 1, 2020, before his contract with the club expired. Since then, he has been without a club.

What is the relationship between Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan

Servando Carrasco is the husband of Alex Morgan: here is what you need to know about the American soccer players
Alex Morgan and her husband, Servando Carrasco.

One thing Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan have in common is that the two lovers are soccer stars. Just like her husband, Alex Morgan has played soccer to the highest level in America. She is currently signed to San Diego Wave FC of the National Women’s Soccer League.

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Alex Morgan’s husband is 1.8 meters tall while the American soccer star is 1.7 meters tall. While Alex Morgan’s husband’s age is 33-year-old, the woman’s age is 32-year-old.

Aside from soccer, the major connection between Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan is that they are both husband and wife.

Carrasco and Morgan got married on December 31, 2014. Since then, the two American soccer players have remained happily married despite their fame and wealth.

On May 7, 2020, Carrasco and Morgan welcomed their first child. They named the bouncing baby girl Charlie Elena Carrasco.

Alex Morgan husband Instagram

Servando Carrasco is the husband of Alex Morgan: here is what you need to know about the American soccer players
Alex Morgan, her husband, Servando Carrasco, and their daughter Charlie Elena Carrasco.

Alex Morgan’s husband, Servando Carrasco is on Instagram. His Instagram handle is Servandocarrasco5. The last time he posted on the page was in 2016.

At the time of publishing this report, the soccer star has just 456 Instagram followers and he is following just three people including his wife who have 9.4 million Instagram followers.

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Carrasco and Morgan use their Instagram pages to flaunt their soccer career and their private lives.

Is Alex Morgan Rich And How Much Does Alex Morgan Make A Year?

Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan is one of the most prominent American soccer players on the women’s national team. Since she made her debut in 2010, she has made 185 appearances in which she scored over 111 international goals.

As the fifth-highest scorer in American female soccer, Alex Morgan has played for clubs like Western New York Flash, Seattle Sounders, Portland Thorns, Orlando Pride, Lyon, and Tottenham.

According to reports, Morgan earns about $450,000 a year as a soccer player at San Diego Wave FC.

According to Forbes, Morgan made $4.6 million through endorsements and salary in 2020 which placed her among the top 10 highest-earning female soccer players in the world in 2020.

Reports claimed Alex Morgan’s net worth is nothing less than $4 million. Hence, Alex Morgan can be said to be a rich soccer star.

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