Noni Madueke Phones OnlyFans Rapper Rubi Rose During An Interview Sparking Dating Rumour


Noni Madueke was asked to put a call through to a rapper during an interview and he immediately called OnlyFans rapper Rubi Rose.

He made the call during a hangout with Clash Magazine, having made time out of his tight schedule to speak to the fashion and music magazine.

Madueke obliged the request of Clash Magazine and he phoned Rubi, 25, with the pair having a good conversation.

Noni Madueke conversation with OnlyFans rapper Rubi Rose

When Rubi Rose picked up, Noni Madueke instantly indicated to her that she was being recorded on Camera.

He said: “Yo, you’re on cam.”

Rubi then complimented the footballer, saying: “You look good.”

Noni Madueke then repeated his earlier message: “You’re on cam – Clash magazine. What you saying? How you been?”

Rubi responded: “I’ve been good, how have you been?”

Madueke then explained: “I’m good. They told me to call a rapper so I thought I might as well just call you.”

The Englishman of Nigerian descent then cheekily said: “Your favourite, right? Your favourite rapper?”

Madueke then grinned broadly and laughed before replying: “One of them.”

When the Blues ace received another call, he concluded the brief conversation with Rubi, saying: “Look, Bay calling me now. Alright I’m a hit you later, bye.”

Following his conversation with Rubi Rose, fans trooped into the comment section pointing out the repeated statement he made to the OnlyFans star.

A fan wrote: “YOU’RE ON CAM’ 4x. I AM ONTO UUUUUUU.”

While a second commented: “You’re on cam’, before she even started speaking, this is my winger.”

And third shared: “You’re on cam my guy on that timing.”

Another fan asked if the footballer had a chance of dating her, writing: “Does he have a chance?” alongside a picture of the beautiful rapper.

One added: “You’re on cam” 3 times lmaooo he knew you was gonna say something outrageous.”

Rose Rubi

Rubi Rose has a massive following, having launched her music career in 2020, and alongside her musical work, the 26-year-old also has an OnlyFans account.

Rubi has recently been said to be dating actor and rapper, Druski, due to cosy pictures of the stars which have been circulating online.

Meanwhile, after seeing the video of her call with Madueke shared by Clash Magazine, She wrote on social media: “This is old…. Y’all weird for posting it now.”

Fans remain unconvinced by her assertions tho, especially due to the comments of Noni Madueke, who expressed during the interview that his other rapper friend, Bay Swag, currently has a song trending at No. 1 on the charts, and this feat was apparently achieved about a few weeks ago.

Noni Madueke

Meanwhile, Noni Madueke joined Chelsea from PSV Eindhoven on January 20, 2023, for a fee of €35 million.

Madueke has made 42 appearances for the Blues, scoring 8 goals and providing 2 assists in all competitions.

Noni Madueke last featured for the Stamford Bridge club during their 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, May 2, and he was impressive for most parts of the encounter.

The 22-year-old has scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists in 30 appearances this campaign across all competitions.

Is Noni Madueke and Rubi Rose dating?

It is uncertain if they are dating, although fans are speculating that there could be something going one between the pair.

A fan on X (formerly known as Twitter), shared a hilarious comment which reads: “Where do you know Madueke from 😭😭

“No wonder he’s fin*shed”

Another wrote: “Astrid with jackson
Rubi rose with madueke
Palmers probably with Rihanna atp”

Is Noni Madueke in a relationship?

Additionally, it is unknown if Noni Madueke has a girlfriend, with the Englishman pretty much private about his love life.


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