Neymar Senior ask for the protection of his son, Neymar, before football loses him


    Neymar senior, the father of Paris Saint Germain’s talisman Neymar Junior, is not happy that his son is always a target for a harsh tackle on the field of play. He said his son needs to be protected before football completely loses the footballer.

    Neymar Junior is known over the years to be very prone to injuries especially since he joined Paris Saint Germain on August 3, 2017, for a world transfer record fee of €222 million.

    Just when the fans of the 28-year-old Brazilian left-winger thought the footballer has regained his consistency at PSG, on Sunday, December 13, PSG played a league match against Lyon where Neymar had to be stretched out of the field after he was tackled by Lyon’s Thiago Mendes. The Brazilian was in tears as he was taken off the pitch on a stretcher.

    After the match which ended 1-0 in favor of Lyon, Neymar had to undertake a scan which revealed that he sustained an ankle sprain.

    Though the height of the pain he displayed on the pitch did not equate to the outcome of the scan he underwent after the match, Neymar Senior is not happy that his son will be out of football for weeks.

    “F*CK… how much longer? We have spoken about this so much, we have underlined the excess of violence,” Neymar’s father wrote on Instagram.

    “Why not stop it at the beginning, with the first foul, why wait until the seventh, eighth, ninth foul?

    “We are not taking the necessary measures throughout the whole game, where Neymar suffered the usual rotation of fouls, and always violent ones.

    “This encourages these types of players and attitudes. If this sort of thing is allowed to continue, football will lose a lot.

    “For How Much Longer Will The Victim Be The One At Fault?”

    Neymar might be fit before Winter break

    Neymar might be fit before Winter break
    Neymar in pain after the tackle on him on Sunday.

    Meanwhile, PSG’s coach Thomas Tuchel has hinted that Neymar might return to training before the winter break which means that the injury might not keep him out of football for more than two weeks.

    This also means that Neymar who is expected to miss PSG’s league match against Lorient on Wednesday could be available for selection in PSG’s league match against Lille on December 20.

    The development is contrary to the initial expectation that Neymar suffered a fracture from Mendes’ challenge on Sunday which would keep him out of the game for a longer time.

    “It’s not impossible to see Neymar again before the winter break. Maybe against Lille, we hope,” Thomas Tuchel said during a pre-match press conference organized ahead of the PSG vs Lorient league match scheduled for 21:00 on Wednesday.

    “We’ll do everything for Lille. I can’t say yes or no. We must wait to see the results of the last exams tomorrow.”


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