Neymar Jr Inherits Mind-Blowing Fortune As Brazilian Businessman Wills His Wealth To Him

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Neymar Jr has inherited a mind-blowing fortune as a Brazilian Businessman willed all his wealth to the Brazilian midfielder.

A Brazilian Businessman who was recognized as Altemir Francisco Da Silva has reportedly transferred all his fortune to the Paris Saint Germain player.

Some people might challenge the intention of a wealthy athlete as the recipient of such a large gesture, but this unknown fan understands that Neymar is a deserving individual for such an unprecedented gesture.

What happened to the Brazilian Businessman?

Altemir Francisco Da Silva is currently confronting major health problems and has no close family to whom he can will his fortunes.

The Brazilian Businessman could only think of Neymar Jr as the worthy personality he can do such a favour to.


Altemir declared his respect for the national team and Brazil’s football heritage. The devotee disclosed that he feels a powerful rapport with Neymar Jr, which required him to formally involve the FC Barcelona striker’s name in his will.

Therefore, the Brazilian International football player has now reportedly become Altemir Francisco Da Silva’s exclusive beneficiary.

The 30-year-old Brazilian Businessman has enormous wealth for himself and has a multi-million dollar worth which he has released to Neymar.

According to reports, Francisco Da Silva has an achievement esteemed at 200 million dollars that he wishes to pass on to the former Barcelona player rather than seeing it taken by the government or estranged family members.

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The Brazilian businessman saw this unprecedented act as a way to guarantee that his occupancies would go to someone he cherished.

He had previously tried to leave his fortune to Neymar without going via a will, but was unable to do it without legal assistance. A notary public in Porto Alegre properly attested to the signatures on this document.

During an interview with local media outlets, Francisco Da Silva said: “I like Neymar Jr, I identify with him a lot. I also suffer from defamation, and I am very family oriented. The relationship he has with his father reminds me of my own with my late father.

“I am not in very good health and, because of that, I really saw that I don’t have anyone to leave my things to”.

He added: “I wouldn’t want the government or relatives I don’t get along with to take my things”.

However, Neymar has not yet reacted to this surprising offer but as it stands, he is the only successor to Francisco Da Silva’s fortune.

Neymar Jr, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain right now, is often considered one of the highest-paid sportsmen in the world. Forbes projects that in 2023 he will earn an astounding 85 million dollars.

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Meanwhile, Da Silva speculates that Neymar’s personality goes beyond his wealth, he said: “I know that, above all, he is not greedy, something a bit rare these days”.

If Neymar does receive a lump sum from the Brazilian Businessman, it might go toward the $1 million punishment his family expects to receive because of an unauthorized artificial lake constructed on his property.

What happened to Neymar Jr’s family?

Neymar Jr
Neymar in action

According to reports, Neymar’s father was arrested on Thursday, 28th of June, 2023, following a dispute with environmental agents about the illegal renovations he had made to his son’s Rio de Janeiro property.

The Mangaratiba Municipal Environment Department, the Environmental Military Police, and the Mangaratiba Municipal Environmental Protection Group all worked together on the operation that led to the arrest.

Before his arrest, Neymar Da Silva Santos was reportedly involved in an argument with Shayenne Barreto, the secretary of the environment in Mangaratiba.

According to Brazilian news outlet UOL Sport, Neymar Senior was allowed to go, but he was warned that whoever is responsible for carrying out the work needs more education.

The Instagram video (now deleted) that Neymar Junior shared is widely believed to depict the construction of an artificial lake on the former Barcelona player’s property, which prompted the initial allegation of an environmental crime that has been reported to Mangaratiba City Hall.

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What’s next for Neymar Jr?

Neymar Jr

The 31-year-old Brazilian football player strives for a move away from Paris Saints Germain this summer with several European clubs keen on acquiring the star player.

In addition, it was reported that Neymar has agreed to join his former club Barcelona this summer but a deal has not yet been received by PSG.

Neymar Jr career goal

Neymar has proven himself to be one of the top forwards ever since his early days with the Brazilian club Santos.

He scored 136 goals in 225 appearances while just playing for his national team. In the 2013–14 season, he established himself as one of the world’s greatest after posting such statistics while playing for FC Barcelona.

Throughout four seasons and 186 games for Barcelona, he netted 105 goals across all competitions.

Since joining PSG in the 2017–18 season, he has scored a century of goals. Neymar has scored 359 goals in his professional football career, according to stats.

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