Neymar Faces Potential $1 Million Fine For Carrying Out Unapproved Construction Work

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Embattled Brazil star Neymar, could be handed a staggering $1 million fine for carrying out unapproved construction at his mansion in Rio de Janeiro, according to authorities.

The Paris Saint Germain forward acquired that particular house in 2016 and the property is in Mangaratiba, 130 kilometers away from Rio, Brazil.

It is a massive apartment and it sits on 10,000 square meters of land. It has a helipad, gym and spa in addition to other facilities.

Authorities in Brazil who were alerted by complaints shared via social media found out “various environmental infractions” linked to the property.

Neymar carrying out construction
Neymar set to be slapped with a fine of $1 million for conducting unauthorized construction

They also found out the diversion of a waterway, and the unauthorized removal of water from a river.

In addition to all of these, the authorities additionally discovered unlicensed excavation and movement of earth, stones, rocks, alongside the use of beach sand without any authorization.

Neymar Sr was arrested!

Neymar’s father was arrested on the 22nd of June 2023 while the construction was ongoing as he was present at his son’s apartment.

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The arrest of Neymar Sr was part of an operation conducted by the local Mangaratiba Municipal Environment Department.

Other government authorities who instituted the arrests are the Environmental Military Police, and the agents of the municipality’s Environmental Protection Group.

The father of Neymar was said to be confrontational with Mangaratiba’s secretary of the environment, Shayenne Barreto, before he was arrested.

According to a media outlet in Brazil UOL Sport, the 58-year-old has since been released but was warned about those carrying out the constitution.

The authorities cautioned Neymar Da Silva Santos that those carrying out the work need “more education”.

This complaint of an environtmental crime, which has been reported to Mangaratiba City Hall, emanated from a video Neymar Jr posted on his Instagram account.

The video showed an artificial lake that the Paris Saint Germain attacker is constructing at his apartment.

The artificial lake Neymar is constructing

Nothing is yet to be heard from representatives of Neymar following the arrest of his father and his subsequent release.

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All construction work on his mansion has since been halted after authorities zoomed into action.

Mayor’s office claim they will fine Neymar $1 million for carrying out unapproved construction

The mayor’s office has afterwards confirmed that they will conduct thorough evaluation of the damage done and fine Neymar an amount estimated to be about $1 million.

They said: “The next step will be to make an assessment of the irregularities found and issue a fine which, according to estimates and given the environmental damage caused, will not be less than five million reais (about $1 million).”

Neymar carrying out construction
2023 has been a year mixed with so many battles for Neymar off the pitch and on the pitch

Neymar is presently facing a turbulent year as this is the latest set of challenges that the 31-year-old would battle.

The Brazilian picked up an injury in February and he is recuperating from an operation on his right ankle.

He underwent the surgery in Doha, Qatar in March 2023 and that saw him miss out of the remainder of matches in the 2022/23 season.

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Also, Neymar was heavily criticised by supporters of PSG for not delivering up to expectation.

This issue with authorities in Brazil over unapproved construction at his Magaratiba mansion is coming days after the former Barcelona man issued a public apology via Instagram to his partner Bruna Biancardi after cheating on her.

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