Neymar Flaunt his son Davi Lucca


    Brazilian left-winger Neymar Jr. took to his Instagram account with over 142 million followers to flaunt his son, Davi Lucca, and also shared a throwback picture of himself.

    In one of the two pictures the Paris Saint Germain winger shared on Instagram on Monday, Neymar could be seen striking a stunning pose with his 9-year-old son. In the picture, Neymar‘s son wore a PSG jersey while he dressed in all-black casual wears like a superstar who was set to attend a party.

    Neymar gave his son a passionate kiss on the cheek to express how deeply he loves him. The boy was born on 13 August 2011 through Neymar’s former girlfriend Carolina Dantas.

    On the second slide, the 28-year-old Brazilian football star who had the best time of his football career between 2013 and 2017 when he was playing for Barcelona, shared a picture showing when he was still a child who couldn’t hide his love for football.

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    In the picture, baby Neymar could be seen in a tiny bedroom in his home country, Brazil, playing with a balloon-like ball with a very big smile on his face. The picture justified why Neymar became a household name in football so early even while still playing for his Brazilian childhood club, Santos.

    In the caption of the two pictures Neymar shared with his ever-growing Instagram followers, the PSG’s talisman wrote in Portuguese that “being a child is living in a universe of play and discovering wonderful worlds that only a blessed imagination is capable of conceiving.”

    The imagination Neymar wrote about in his caption has given him almost everything in his football career. Some of the titles it has given Neymar include one UEFA Champions League title, one Fifa Club World Cup, numerous league titles at Santos and with both PSG and Barcelona, Gold Medal, and Fifa Confederation Cup for Brazil.

    Though he has achieved all these while he was still very young, his son, Davi Lucca, is not known to be following the same path as his father. Unlike the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., who is actively involved in academy football at Juventus, Lucca does more of camera appearances with his father or his mother, Dantas, on Instagram.

    Besides the fact that Lucca’s father is one of the most followed Sportsman in the world, one of the most controversial events that brought the 9-year-old to the limelight was a lawsuit filed by one Dr. Herbert Kramer who was seeking compensation because he was not paid for prenatal and birthing services rendered to Carolina Dantas, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend.

    The doctor filled the suit in September 2019 claiming that he is due for 50,000 Brazilian reais (about 12,600 euros) payment for overseeing the birth of Neymar’s son in 2011. He also claimed that part of the money would be used to pay other nurses involved in Davi Lucca’s birth process.

    Neymar’s ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas and her son Davi Lucca.

    Neymar who has long left Dantas for a couple of other relationships has never made a public comment about the controversy likewise his ex-girlfriend.

    However, a Brazilian publication UOL claimed that Neymar and Dantas’s lawyers have told the court that the doctor is demanding an excessive amount for the birth of Davi. Yet, the doctor insisted that the amount he charged Neymar and his ex-girlfriend included the amount spent on traveling from his hospital in Santos to Sao Paulo for the delivery of the boy.

    Since then, nothing much has been heard concerning the case as Neymar, his ex-girlfriend, Dantas, and his son Davi Lucca have continued to rock the internet especially Instagram.


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