Neymar celebrates his baby mama Carolina Dantas on her birthday


    Neymar has taken to his social media page to celebrate the birthday of his baby mama, Carolina Nogueira Dantas.

    He left some good words for the lady, who added another year on October 21, 2020.

    Describing the day as one of the most important in his life, Neymar, who was part of the Paris Saint-German that lost their Champions League opening match 2-1 against Manchester United described her as a superheroine.

    Lucca spends some time with Neymar

    Neymar, who also said they were lucky to have their son, Davi Lucca noted that the baby mama is the type who doesn’t disguise for anything.

    “Today is one of the most special days i have in my life. 21/10 @candantas day.
    “The super heroine mother my son has, the friend and partner I have. How lucky we are at Davi Lucca 😂🤣 … Carol is the type of person who can’t disguise anything at all, she stumbles on anything and always lives full of purple (as Davi says) 🤣😂 but everyone who knows her LOVES IT SO MUCH . Congratulations on your day, you deserve all the most beautiful things in this world, I just have to thank you for what you do for our son and me. THANK YOU!!! The day is yours but we are celebrating for having you in our lives. I love you,” he wrote.

    Expressing her love back to the soccer star, Cantas replied: “Kkkkkkkkkk the Lady of Tombs 😂😂😂 thanks for everything !!! I love you consecrated.”

    All about Neymar, Cantas and David Lucca

    It could be recalled that Neymar became a father on August 24, 2011, when he and Dantas, his former girlfriend gave birth to their son David Lucca da Silva Santos.

    Lucca was born in hospital São Luiz in São Paulo, weighing 2.81 kg and Neymar didn’t lose the unique chance to follow the labour of his first child very closely.

    Unfortunately, they did not get married and parted ways soon after Lucca’s birth.

    Caroline Dantas gushes over boyfriend

    David usually spends time with both of them. David has an ‘Instagram’ page that houses numerous pictures of him spending quality time with Neymar and Carolina.

    So, this should answer the reason for such an outpouring message from the Brazilian captain to his ex. However, both parties have moved on with Danta sometimes showing off her man on her page.

    Neymar and Dantas were never a couple

    Their relationship had always been complicated. Sources said they were never a couple.

    It was gathered that they met through a common friend. In a bid to stay away from media, Carolina initially avoided Neymar. It was also reported that her pregnancy was as a result of a one-night stand.

    She didn’t wish to inform Neymar initially about her pregnancy but later changed her mind, as she realized that Neymar had every right know the truth.

    Fortunately, Neymar handled the situation very well despite Danta contemplating an abortion, which Neymar’s family were against

    Being a true catholic, Neymar sees abortion as a sin. It was also gathered that the footballer supported her through the pregnancy, proving to be a good father despite being so young.


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