Brazilian Lips Reading experts Claimed that Álvaro González called Neymar a Monkey

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The aftermath of the drama that happened between Neymar and Álvaro González when Paris Saint Germain played their second match of the season against Marseille on September 13 is still blowing hot. A team of Brazilian lips reading experts claimed that González called Neymar a monkey during the ill-tempered match.

Recall that when Marseille visited Parc des Princes for the French Ligue 1 match, the match became so marred that the referee gave out 17 yellow cards. It became even worse towards the end of the match and the referee was left with no choice than to issue five red cards, two to Marseille’s players, and three to PSG’s players including Neymar.

Before the match became so rough, Neymar and Álvaro González were spotted exchanging words when PSG was already trailing Marseille a goal to zero in the first half. Soon, Neymar was seen running to the linesman to tell him that González racially abused him.

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Both the linesman and the center referee failed to pay attention to Neymar’s claim. When the Brazil international felt that he could not let whatever the Spanish center back had said to sly, he decided to take the law into his own hands by hitting González.

This sparked an uncontrollable brawl which left the referee with no choice than to dish out 5 red cards in additional minutes of the match. The punishment didn’t end there, the 5 players that were red-carded were giving different degrees of suspensions. Neymar was slammed with a two-match ban.

Álvaro González was left unpunished but the governing body of professional French football, Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) had announced that Neymar’s racial allegation against González would be investigated.

What Álvaro González called Neymar?

What Álvaro González called Neymar?
Álvaro González and Neymar exchanging words on September 13.

To help in the investigation, a Brazilian media publisher known as Esporte Espetacular invited three lip-reading experts – Luis Felipe Ramos, member of the Rio de Janeiro Deaf Association, Felipe Oliver and Mikel Vidal, translators at the National Institute of Deaf Education, to analyze the lips movement of Álvaro González during the altercation with Neymar.

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From what they could deduce from the clip, the experts claimed that the Marseille’s defender called Neymar a ‘mono’ which is a Spanish word meaning Monkey. Though they were able to detect that he said ‘mono’, they were not able to detect the other words he said afterward.

As of the time of publishing this report, the LFP was still investigating Neymar’s claim that Álvaro González racially abused him. If the Spanish footballer is found guilty, he could face up to a 10-match ban.

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