Neymar and Laure Boulleau share a special relationship


Neymar and Laure Boulleau, a renowned female footballer in France turned media personality, share a very special relationship but they are not dating.

Laure Boulleau made her name on the world stage as a football star. She played for France’s female national team as a defender between 2005 and 2016 before she retired from international football.

At the club level, she started her professional club career with CNFE Clairefontaine in 2003. Boulleau played for the female side for three years before she moved to Paris Saint Germain female team in 2005.

The 35-year-old former footballer played for PSG for 13 years before she decided to retire from the game in 2018.

After her retirement, Laure Boulleau was made a PSG ambassador and a consultant of the French television show Canal Football Club, which has been showing on the French television network Canal+ since 2008.

Most times, when the men’s team of PSG plays in Parc des Princes, Boulleau serves as a reporter for Canal+ at the stadium. She is more or less a football expert on any topic relating to PSG.

Neymar and Laure Boulleau
File photo of Neymar and Laure Boulleau.

On many occasions, Neymar and Laure Boulleau are seen showing so much respect to each other. Whenever Neymar sees her, he always spares some time to pay some attention.

The footballer has been seen a couple of times teasing the ex-footballer when she was on set as a reporter and she had never shown bad feelings towards the Brazilian winger.

Due to such encounters, many suspect that Neymar and Laure Boulleau are having a romantic relationship. But our research showed that the two stars are nothing but two good friends.

Despite their special relationship, Boulleau has never failed to state facts whenever she has to analyze Neymar.

For instance, when Laure Boulleau was asked on the set of Canal+ about what Neymar must do to help PSG win the UEFA Champions League this season, she stressed that the Brazilian football star must regain his athletic level.

She also went on to urge Neymar to protect himself to avoid unnecessary injuries and described the pressure on the footballer as “monstrous”.

She said: “Without wanting to find excuses for him, the pressure is monstrous and his character and his communication almost add problems to him. For example, he had to justify himself for his pounds taken during the holidays. I think he should extricate himself from his criticisms and not necessarily respond. I think he’s losing too much energy in there and anyway, we’ll always be talking about Neymar.”


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