Mauro Icardi of PSG wishes his wife Wanda Nara happy Mothers Day amid cheating scandal


    Paris Saint Germain striker, Mauro Icardi took to Instagram to wish his wife Wanda Nara a happy Mothers’ Day late on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

    Mauro Icardi’s Instagram post came days after his wife, Wanda Nara wrote: “Another family that you charged for a b***tch!” The message was seen as a cryptic message announcing the end to her affairs with Icardi.

    She alleged that the former Inter Milan football star has been cheating on her with one model and actress known as China Suarez.

    Wanda has gone as far as informing an Argentine model and businesswoman Ker Weinstein that she has “separated” from Icardi.

    In reaction to the message, Weinstein who is a close associate of the footballer’s family shared a screenshot of Wanda’s message on her ‘Chismes de Ker’ (‘Ker’s Gossip’) Instagram page.

    In the video she attached with the screenshot, Weinstein said: “Wanda I am with you and I’m sending you lots of strength”.

    In the midst of all these, Mauro Icardi has not made any public comment concerning the allegation that he cheated on his wife whom he has been married to since 2014.

    The major reaction he has made so far was that he asked PSG to exempt him from PSG training ahead of the club’s UEFA Champions League group stage game against RB Leipzig scheduled to kick off at 20:00 on Tuesday, October 19.

    In the Instagram post the Argentine football star shared on Sunday to wish Wanda a happy Mothers Day, he was seen standing side by side with her in an environment that looks like a nightclub.

    Mauro Icardi of PSG wishes his wife Wanda Nara happy Mothers Day amid cheating scandal

    In the second slide, Mauro Icardi shared a picture of his wife posing with her five children. The two girls in the picture, Francesca and Isabella are the children Wanda has for Icardi while the three boys are the children she has in her previous marriage.

    Mauro Icardi of PSG wishes his wife Wanda Nara happy Mothers Day amid cheating scandal

    “Happy Mamucha Day”, Icardi wrote in the caption. The 2021 Mothers Day in Argentina was celebrated on Sunday and the footballer did not hesitate to celebrate Wanda no matter the cheating allegation hanging on his neck.

    Mauro Icardi did not stop there, he took to his Instagram story to post a picture on Sunday evening showing when he was looking at the face of Wanda in an environment that looks like a bar.

    The football star confirmed that the picture was a recent picture taken in Milan, Italy and he tagged his wife to show that he is trying to make things right.

    However, at the time of publishing this report, Wanda Nara has not followed Icardi on Instagram since she unfollowed him on Saturday.

    To make matters worst for Icardi, the Argentine businesswoman shared a picture of her hand on her Instagram story recently with the caption: “I like my hand better without a ring”.

    The latest picture she posted on her Instagram page to celebrate Mothers Day showed only herself and her five children. The picture also confirmed that she and her children have left Paris, France for Milan, Italy.

    This could mean that there is no going back for Icardi and Wanda if things remain this way. If the marriage ends like this, it would be the second time Wanda has ended a marriage with a footballer.

    Recall that Wanda used Icardi to cheat on her husband and Icardi’s former team-mate at Sampdoria, Maxi Lopez. Due to the scandal, Lopez’s marriage with Wanda ended in 2013 after they have had three children.

    In 2014, she went on to marry Icardi, a once close friend of Lopez. The marriage ended Lopez’s friendship with Icardi and also kicked Icardi out of the Argentina national team.


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