Wanda Nara unfollowed her husband Mauro Icardi of PSG for cheating on her

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Wanda Nara, the wife of Paris Saint Germain striker Mauro Icardi has unfollowed her husband on Instagram this weekend, accusing him of cheating.

The 33-year-old Argentine TV personality who is also the football agent of Icardi took to her Instagram story to post a message that suggested that the footballer was with another woman.

In the message which she wrote in Spanish, Wanda Nara accused Icardi of ruining a family that they have been building together for over seven years. She wrote: “Another family that you have ruined for a s***”.

Afterward, she went on to delete every picture associated with the football star, leaving only her pictures and the ones she featured her kids.

Before now, Wanda Nara was never shy away from celebrating Icardi on Instagram especially during his birthday and Valentine’s Day.

For instance, last Valentine’s Day, the Argentine beauty took her time to analyze how she took care of the 28-year-old Argentine footballer.

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Wanda noted how she was the best in bed for the footballer and often available to prepare him a healthy delicacy.

She wrote: “Saint Valentine is….cooking for your love every day, waiting for him with the best steak sandwich prepared by me at 3 am after a match…or simply going down to the kitchen in the early hours and preparing the best sandwiches in the world with chicken and avocado…making your favorite deserts in the afternoon…and being the best in bed.”

She ended the post with: “I love you @mauroicardi’: Everything else he buys with his credit card.”

If Wanda Nara’s marriage to Icardi does not survive the perceived crisis, one could deduce that he takes more than doing the duties of “Saint Valentine” to keep a marriage.

The marriage between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi started with cheating and it is about to end with cheating

Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi, and their dogs.
Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi, and their dogs.

Before Mauro Icardi decided to settle with Wanda Nara, the Argentine lady was married to Icardi’s best friend who is also a footballer Maxi Lopez.

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Lopez was so close to Icardi that he used to invite him to his home and they even used to go on holiday alongside Wanda.

When Icardi left FC Barcelona youth team to join the Italian side, Sampdoria in 2011, Lopez who was already established at Sampdoria accommodated him not just because they are from Argentina but because of their friendship.

Their friendship grew stronger whenever they went for international duty then. But everything changed when a report surfaced that Icardi was sleeping with Wanda. Shortly after, Icardi left Sampdoria for Inter Milan in 2013.

When Lopez confirmed that Icardi was sleeping with his wife, he had to cut ties with him and ended his marriage with Wanda in 2013. The marriage had produced three kids before it ended.

In April 2014, when Lopez played for Sampdoria against Icardi’s Inter Milan, Lopez refused to shake hands with Icardi which made the press to tag the Serie A game, “Wanda derby”.

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Six months after Lopez’s marriage with Wanda officially ended, the Argentine lady and Icardi made their love affairs official.

Even though the scandal ended Icardi’s international football career with Argentina’s national team, the footballer went on to make Wanda his agent and wife in 2014. The marriage he blessed with two children, Francesca and Isabella.

They were living happily together in Paris, France, after Paris Saint Germain paid Inter Milan €50 million for the services of Icardi on July 1, 2020.

At the time of publishing this report, Icardi has not made any public statement concerning the cheating scandal. He has not also deleted Wanda Nara’s pictures on his Instagram page.

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