Most Expensive Trophy In The World


Most Expensive Trophy: The French term “Trophee,” which means a reward or spoil of war, is the origin of the English word “trophy.”

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

A football team, whether a club or a national squad, is made up of 11 starting players and six to seven substitutes.

The manager’s name and the team’s logo lit up in front of each football fan’s iris to draw even more attention.

The answer to all of the points raised above is “TROPHIES, TITLES, CUPS,” as it is a fact of life that a sportsperson is only recognized for his good deeds, successes, and skills after a certain age.

Here, Futballnews takes you down the lane of the Most Expensive Trophy in the World.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

Now that the focus of this post has shifted to trophies and titles, let’s talk about the top 10 most expensive football prizes.

FIFA World Cup Trophy$20,000,000

For any football player, winning this trophy represents the pinnacle of their international career.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World
FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Every four years, FIFA hosts a world football tournament for the top 32 qualifying national teams in order to determine who will compete for the coveted cup at the highest level.

Silvio Gazzaniga, an Italian craftsman, created the World Cup.

The $20,000,000 trophy was once again displayed at the FIFA World Cup, which took place in December 2022 in Qatar.

Brazil has won the most FIFA World Cups.

Copa Libertadores trophy$8,500,000

The top club trophy in the South American League is listed at number two.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

There are presently 18 clubs in the league, which was founded in 1960.

The trophy cost $8.5 million and was crafted of sterling silver and bronze with a silver coating. Palmeiras is the most recent Copa Libertadores champion.

UEFA Europa League Trophy$4,500,000

This trophy is part of the UEFA league’s second division, where teams from the European league advance to the group stage based on their coefficients.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

The silver and yellow base that makes up the majority of the Europa League costs $4.5 million.

FA Cup Trophy$1,180,000

The FA Cup is England’s oldest trophy competition. Arsenal is the first team to hoist the title. Arsenal has now surpassed all other teams in terms of FA Cup victories.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

The overall cost of the title, which is constructed of Sterling Silver, is $1,180,000.

Ballon d’Or Trophy

It is among the most significant individual honors in football for a single player.

A French jeweler created the award in 1956. The winner of the Ballon d’Or is typically a player who has excelled for both his club and his country.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

The trophy weighs 12 kg overall and is made of a combination of brass and gold. Additionally, Lionel Messi has won the prize the most times thus far (7 times).

With five wins, Cristiano Ronaldo is not far behind him. The French striker Karim Benzema received the current Ballon d’Or.

African Cup of Nations Trophy $150,000

The trophy is very important to the participating countries from the African continent.

It is one of the highest-ranking and most coveted honors in African football and has existed for many years.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

Senegal won the $150,000 trophy in 2022, whereas Egypt has been the country that has dominated the competition most of the time.

Seria A Trophy$66,000

The Scuddeto trophy, often known as the league’s greatest honor for an Italian team, was created in 1960. The league’s trophy was made by renowned craftsman Ettore Calvelli.

The trophy is 58 cm tall, with a base made of blue sodalite and a few gold rings that add up to a total weight of 8 kg.

Most Expensive Trophy In The World

The $66,000 trophy, which Juventus FC has lifted 36 times, is now in the hands of AC Milan after being a close friend of the club.

Bundesliga Meisterschale – $57,102.

Elisabeth Treskow, a well-known art professor, created this trophy in 1964 for the German League’s Bundesliga.

It was created for the 18 teams in the league, with FC Koln becoming the first to win the championship in 1964.


The shield weighs 11 kg in total, with a tourmaline measuring 71.98 carats and the remaining weight being made up of silver and gold.

The overall value of the trophy is also roughly $57,102.

UEFA Champions League Trophy$15,000

The UEFA Champions League is the most coveted and famous trophy in club football. It is a trophy that features 32 clubs. The teams that they face off against are often the top four teams from various European leagues.

UEFA Champions League

The award has long been associated with great leadership abilities and a certain amount of respect.

It costs a total of $15,000 and is constructed entirely of genuine silver. Real Madrid has held the trophy as of late.

English Premier League Trophy$10,000

One of the oldest football leagues in the world, the English Premier League has dominated Europe and the UK for many years.

Many well-known football legends ventured onto the English fields in search of that trophy, which subsequently inspired them to immortalize their team in league history.

Malachite, a priceless gemstone found in Africa, silver, gilded silver, and other materials were used to create the trophy, which cost a total of $10,000.


Manchester City, who won it last year, is the current owner of the trophy.

The top 10 most expensive trophy in the world have been analyzed above. What do you think? Share your comments below.


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