Elon Musk Set to Launch Bid For Manchester United


Twitter and spaceX supremo Elon Musk is reportedly set to launch a bid for Manchester United as the takeover deadline approaches.

Manchester United

The Glazers put up Manchester United for sale after years of protest by the fans, who asked the American investors to hands off the club, following a deep rot and slump in the past ten years since Alex Ferguson left the club.

The Glazers’ finally announced the decision to exit the club after seventeen years of ownership and have deputized the sale process to an American investment group Raine Group, who will oversee the takeover process.

After announcing the decision to part ways with the club, the Glazers set a mid-February deadline to entertain offers for the club.

The Sun reports the Glazers have asked potential bidders to submit a summarized version of their offers for the club on or before Friday 17 February.

The summarized offers is not expected to exceed just one paragraph with the amount tables by the bidder stated clearly .

Raine Group have confirmed bids seeking to buy stakes at the club and full takeover bids will be considered, but the deadline is fixed as the club wants to expedite the takeover process.

After the Glazers affirm Manchester United sale decision, a lot of potential buyers have been rumored to be interested in the club.

British richest investor Sir Ratcliffe has been tipped as the frontrunner, leading the race to take over the Old Trafford club.

There are also reports a group of Qatari investors are preparing a bid for the club as the deadline set by the Glazers approaches.

There are projections Sir Ratcliffe may likely be overran by the Qatari investors, who are poised to launch the “strongest” bid for Manchester United.

Elon Musk interested in buying Manchester United

When the United fans heaped pressure on the Glazers to exit the reins at Manchester United, Elon Musk had jokingly tweeted, “Also, I’m buying Manchester United. You are welcome.”

United fans had went giddy with the prospect of having the multi-billion dollar investor in-charge of the club.

Manchester United

Then, it was just a cheeky joke which temporarily assuaged pent-up emotions and tensions between the Man United hierachy and the fans.

Now, Daily Mail has reported the tech-billionaire is interested in making an offer for the club.

Sources close to the Twitter owner have revealed he is currently monitoring the situation at the club and may likely launch a bid in a matter of days before the mid-February deadline.

Elon Musk is reportedly worth £157 billion. The Glazers’ are valuing Manchester United at £6 billion.

Elon Musk’s entry into the race to buy Manchester United could be a gamechanger that will shift the balance of power from the Qatari investors to the billionaire tech investor.

Pundits believe if the ownership of Manchester United falls into the hands of either the Qatari investors or Elon Musk, Manchester United will be expected to witness a great transition as their local rivals, Manchester City.

Do you think Elon Musk’s potential dive from tech to football will be a wise investment decision? Can he restore Man United’s lost glory if he takes over the club?


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