Mauro Icardi and his wife, Wanda Nara are perfect again after a troubled marriage


    Mauro Icardi, an Argentine forward has had to contend with problems in his marriage with his wife Wanda Nara. Months ago, there were reports of a heated dispute between the two lovers, as a series of speculations about a possible breakup dominated the media.

    What was the problem in the marriage between Mauro Icardi and his wife, Wanda Nara?

    In 2021, it appeared that Wanda Nara made allegations that Mauro Icardi was cheating on her with some unnamed woman. This allegation forced Wanda Nara to leave her husband in Paris to head back to Milan (their former home), and this also affected the player’s concentration during training.

    He was forced to leave the Paris Saint Germain first team to clear out the differences regarding his wife and their relationship, as the tension between the two intensified.

    Different reports started circulating that the two of them have decided to separate after Wanda Nara wrote a message on her social media saying “I’ve separated”. This forced Mauro Icardi to pull out of the first-team squad that was scheduled to face RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

    The Paris Saint Germain striker tried to iron out things between them by posting a picture of her on his Instagram page the next day.

    Wanda Nara decided to increase the heat of the controversy by posting on her social media account that she prefers the hand without the ring on it.

    Earlier this year, Argentinian model Maria Eugenia Suarez decided to come out as the one who was secretly having an affair with the Argentina international.

    Credible sources revealed that they were secretly having private conversations which included pictures, videos, and voice notes, as the saga between the two brought more instability to the football career of Icardi.

    Wanda Nara and Icardi started by cheating

    Wanda Nara was married to Icardi’s former teammate Maxi Lopez. In 2014, it was reported that Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara started having an affair which led her to quit her marriage with Lopez despite giving birth to three boys for Lopez.

    The names of the boys are Valentino Gaston, Constantino, and Benedicto.

    Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s marriage is settled

    In the Instagram post above, Mauro Icardi is seen to be having a nice time with his wife, Wanda Nara, in the middle of the sea, as the couple exchanged kisses to show that all is well with the marriage.

    Indeed, the scandal related to the couple is over as the pair have decided to reunite as one happy couple. Everything seems to be back to normal again and Mauro Icardi can now fully concentrate on football ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.


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