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Mateo Ronaldo and his family of footballers

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Mateo Ronaldo is one of the four children of world football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a twin brother of Eva Maria. They were both born on 8 June 2017 through surrogacy.

Meteo and his sister are the second outcomes of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s decision to have children through the process of surrogacy. The first attempt produced his first child who he named Cristiano Jr. He was born on 4 July 2010 when the footballer was just 25-year-old.

When Ronaldo Jr. was born, the 35-year-old Juventus star took to Twitter and Facebook to announce that he has become a father and gave details on how it happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo playing with his children
Cristiano Ronaldo playing with his children

In his statement then, he disclosed that the boy was born in the United States of America through a surrogate mother. Ronaldo revealed that he and the surrogate mother had signed an agreement to keep her identity secret while he was given the sole guardianship of the boy.

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“As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship”, Ronaldo said in the statement.

“I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these.”

Since then, no one has been able to dig out the identity of the boy’s mother and the boy has been kept away from her for 10 years now.

A similar scenario happened in the birth of Mateo Ronaldo and his twin sister. They were both born in the USA through a surrogate mother who has signed an agreement to keep her identity secret and stay away from the children.

Since then, the babies have been under the care of Ronaldo, the player’s mother, Dolores, and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Talking about Georgina, the Spanish model started dating the Portuguese football legend when she was just 22-year-old and the player was 32-year-old.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez on an outing with Ronaldo's four children
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez on an outing with Ronaldo’s four children

According to reports, they met at a VIP Dolce & Gabbana event in 2016 and their relationship continued to grow from straight to straight. As Ronaldo was still basking in the feeling of having twin children, Georgina announced that he was expecting her first child with the footballer.

On 12 November 2017, Georgina gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and they both named her Alana Martina.

Mateo Ronaldo playing football with his father
Mateo Ronaldo playing football with his father

Hence, Mateo Ronaldo is in the midst of three siblings, two girls and a big brother. From all indications, he and his big brother could take after their father Ronaldo.

It is no longer news that Ronaldo Jr. is doing so well in Juventus football academy and he likes to play like his father. The 10-year-old started his baptism of football in Real Madrid academy during the days of his father at the club. It is likely that he would continue on that path until he becomes a professional football star like his father.

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Ronaldo Jr. playing football with his father

His younger brother, Mateo who is just three years old can also do great things with the ball. Last year, he was filmed while playing football with his father. Despite how young he was then, he was able to kick the ball as hard as it got straight to his target severally.

Watch Mateo Ronaldo and his father here:

It is a fact that nothing lasts forever but even if we don’t have Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch to continue doing what we love him for, there could be a great replacement from either Mateo or junior or both of them in the nearest future.

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