Cristiano Ronaldo reveals £80,000 monthly allowance he gives his fiancee, Georgina Rodriguez

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    There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. Not only is he one of the best, but also the second-highest-paid footballer after Lionel Messi. The Juventus star has reportedly revealed his fiancee Georgina Rodriguez’s monthly allowance. The former model who is now an aspiring fashion designer is given £80,000 a month to sponsor her high-end lifestyle. 

    The Portuguese superstar and his fiancee are known to live a lavish lifestyle in Turin with the Juve star £28million a year salary. The loved up pair share one child together, a daughter Alana Martina aged 2. The Spanish-Argentine also helps raise Ronaldo’s three other children. News outlets report these days she is a stay at home mom and looks after surrogate twins Eva and Mateo as well as Cristiano Jr. With the amount of money Ronaldo makes playing every month and from endorsements, £80,000 may not seem like much or put a dent in the footballer’s bank account. 

    Georgina is known to flaunt their lavish holidays on yachts and private jets on her Instagram as well as expensive gifts given to her by the forward. Ronaldo, who recently turned 35 earlier this month was gifted a Mercedes G-Wagon said to be worth £93,000 by his other half. 

    Ronaldo recently showed off his £371,000 Rolex watch and is known to show off his expensive bling on his social media. Georgina is also known to show off bling on her social media and reportedly makes £6600 per Instagram post to sponsor a company. The former model has a strong fan base with 16.5m followers. 

    Things haven’t always been rosy for Georgina as she comes from humble beginnings. The Spanish-Argentine beauty grew up in Jaca, which is a tiny village in northern Spain. She grew up with her Argentinean father, who happens to be a former footballer name Jorge, and her Spanish mother, Ana. 

    As a child, she had high hopes of becoming a ballet dancer. Unfortunately due to her parent’s finance, and inability to pay for her dance school, she settled for a career in fashion retail instead. Recalling her times living in cramped apartments and working as a waitress, the 26-year-old decided to move to Bristol to learn English and she picked up a part-time job making £9.50 an hour. 

    Once her English skills were up to part, Gerogina moved back to Spain and worked for Gucci in Madrid. It was while she was working at Gucci she met Ronaldo. The pair would later run into each other days later at a Dolce and Gabbana event and the rest was history.


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