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MLS Coach Resigns Amid Backlash For Using N-Word While Singing Along To Music In The Locker Room

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MLS coach Ron Jans is under fire for singing along to a song that features the N-Word. The FC Cincinnati head coach resigned amid a public backlash after one of the players made a formal complaint of the coach using the N-Word out loud in the team’s locker room.

The Major League Soccer Players Association have said they received a complaint from a player and have notified FC Cincinnati team officials who said an investigation would be conducted. 

The head coach Jans admitted to using the N-Word in the locker room but insisted it wasn’t targeted at any of the players, but his way of singing along to a song that was playing that he enjoys listening too. The song he was listening to is yet to be made known as an investigation is still ongoing. 

Speaking with the Cincinnati Enquirers about the incident and on whether he has any regrets on what happened, the embattled coach had this to say: 

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“I wouldn’t have sung the word, that’s for sure. I learned that lesson. But I am who I am and if it doesn’t fit in this locker room, I think for a lot of players it was a good match and sometimes an excellent match but not with all of them.”

Jans also has another investigation hanging around his neck for allegedly making insensitive comments about slavery during a trip with the team to Washington D.C. The former coach was initially suspended while investigations were ongoing but a statement by the Clubs president Jeff Berding stated that Jans has officially resigned. 

“As Major League Soccer’s investigation unfolded and some themes emerged, Ron offered his resignation and we agreed that it was the best course of action for everyone involved with FC Cincinnati,” Berding said.

“We place the utmost importance on a strong culture within our club, beginning in our locker room, and that every person connected with FC Cincinnati feels valued, respected and trusted.”

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The statement continued … “Racial and cultural diversity is a major part of what makes the game of soccer so special, and we place the highest priority on respecting every person involved in our game.”

“This includes absolutely everyone associated with our club, from our locker room and front office, all the way through to our fans.”

The team announced Yoann Damet will act as interim head coach while conducting an international search for Jan’s’ replacement.

The Dutchman who formerly managed FC Groningen back in 2002, was the longest-serving head coach in Eredivisie. Ran was very instrumental in the Club’s success which included two UEFA cup qualifications in 2005 and 2006. He is also known for his witty and sarcasm during press conferences. He also managed SC Heerenveen and PEC Zwolle briefly before moving to MLS. 

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