Mason Greenwood deactivates his comment section after his girlfriend, Harriet Robson released a video claiming she was physically and sexually abused


    Manchester United forward, Mason Greenwood has deactivated his Instagram comment section after his girlfriend, Harriet Robson claimed that he physically and sexually abused her.

    Mason Greenwood deactivates his comment section after his girlfriend, Harriet Robson released a video claiming she was physically and sexually abused

    Greenwood has been one of the most talked-about footballers this weekend after Robson took to his Instagram story to share pictures and clips to show the world that her boyfriend has not been treating her like a gentleman.

    Futballnews has reported that the clips and picture Harriet Robson shared on her Instagram page showed that her face, hands, and thigh were severely bruised.

    In the clip, the British lady filmed herself with blood dripping from her lips to show the extent of the attack she suffered at the hands of Mason Greenwood.

    Also, in an audio clip she shared via her Instagram story, a voice suspected to be the voice of Greenwood and Harriet could be heard arguing about sex. Based on what could be deduced from the voice in the audio, the Manchester United star wanted to have sex with Harriet but she turned the footballer down.

    Since the video, audio and images went viral, many social media users have been trolling the footballer with different memes. Hence, Mason Greenwood decided to deactivate his comment section to prevent being trolled directly.

    Though the police in Greater Manchester have said they would investigate the incident, many social media users are already speculating that the footballer would end up in jail.

    One social media user made a caricature of Greenwood and Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy who is currently battling 7 counts of rape since August 2021.

    The French football star who spent the last Christmas and new year holiday in prison while awaiting trial reportedly raped over three different girls and assaulted another.

    Hence, since Mason Greenwood assaulted his girlfriend to the extent she suffered severe bruises, he could be another Mendy who might end up in prison for some years.

    Meanwhile, fans on Twitter are urging Manchester United to terminate Greenwood’s contract over the alleged assault on his girlfriend. But the club has insisted that there would not be further comment on the incident until the club establishes some facts related to the incident.

    As at the time of publishing this report, it was not clear whether Harriet Robson has officially reported the incident to the police. However, the police have confirmed that an investigation would be carried out over the incident.

    However, latest reports from the United Kingdom confirmed that Mason Greenwood has been arrested in connection with Harriet Robson’s sexual and physical assault claims.

    Greenwood who is a product of the Manchester United youth system still has until June 30, 2025, before his contract with the club expires.


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