Manchester City v Lyon, Shocking loss forced Man City out of the Champions League

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Man City v Lyon Game highlights

In football, anything can happen and Manchester City found that out following a very painful loss to Lyon today.  Man City was the favorite, they had the best players, the best funds, and yet they couldn’t deliver in today’s Champions League match.

Lyon scored first, and after the first goal, Lyon went back to pack the bus and defended very well until the second half when City was able to equalize.

Lyon played Atletico Madrid’s style of football and stayed back all through the match, but they did not waste the few chances they had as they were able to convert on a long pass that beat the defenders and gave them the first goal. For the second goal, it was a counter-attack goal and the same for the 3rd goal.

Raheem Sterling had a chance to equalize the game but he missed a wide-open chance. The game ended 3 – 1 and Manchester City was eliminated from the 2020 champions league by Lyon football club. A very rare upset in football history.

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The moment things changed for ManchesterCity

At the 86th minute, Sterling miss a wide-open chance, 87th minute, Dembele scored a goal after Man City’s top scorer couldn’t capitalize, but Lyon’s top striker was there to take full advantage. Gave over.

Sterling missed this goal.

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