Manchester City is actively pursuing Jack Grealish after missing out on signing Lionel Messi


Manchester City lost out at acquiring free agent Lionel Messi and they are now shifting their focus on jack Grealish. The club will need more firepower if they want to win the Premier League or the Champions League next season and Jack Grealish is their guy.

City has tried to buy Grealish a few times already, but Aston Villa has turned down City’s offer to pay for Grealish’s transfer. Also, Aston Villa’s owners Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens are trying their best to wave off clubs that are preying on good players, as a result, they are ready to offer Grealish more money even though he just extended his contract.

Villa is reluctant to sell Grealish, but, if City raises the price, which they will, Villa is willing to sell Grealish for the right price.

Man City missed out on winning the Champions League because they were missing key pieces in their offense and now they think Grealish will be the answer.  Pep Guardiola will do anything in his power to add one more legitimate offensive power to the City’s lineup before the next season begins.

Grealish Jack, 25, is earning £120,000 per week in wages on a new contract extension that will keep in at Aston Villa until the year 2025. If he agrees to go over to City, he will earn double that amount and will have a better chance of winning the Champions League and the Premier League or win one of the two.


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