Jack Grealish and his “secret weapon” Sasha Attwood

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Jack Grealish has been enjoying massive attention since he made his debut for the Three Lions of England on September 8, 2020. Though he has been doing wonders with Aston Villa, his invitation to England national team took his fame to the next level.

Jack Grealish is one of the few footballers who is living a simple lifestyle and has almost nothing to hide. But the 25-year-old Irishman who chose to represent England over Ireland has a “secret weapon”.

The weapon in question is not that which can kill but that of love. The weapon is none other than Sasha Attwood, an English model he has been dating since his teens days.

Most friends of Jack Grealish reportedly call Attwood the secret weapon of the football star because she is seen as one of his motivating factors. Also, the footballer and the damsel have been working very hard to keep their relationship private. But Grealish’s fame would not allow the relationship to be.

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Background check on Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood’s relationship

Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood.
File photo of Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood.

Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood have been dating since they were teenagers according to reports. They attended the same high school, St Peter’s Roman Catholic School in Solihull, West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

While in school, they started seeing themselves and never stopped loving each other even after the 25-year-old England international became a football star.

Even though they tried to keep the relationship a secret, Sasha Attwood never fails to show him support at match venues.

The 25-year-old damsel was spotted wearing a shirt with Grealish embroidered on the back during the ongoing Euro 2020.

Jack Grealish's girlfriend, Sasha Attwood at the Wembley Stadium to watch England's game in Euro 2020.
Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Attwood at the Wembley Stadium to watch England’s game in Euro 2020.

Though they have been dating for a long time, there is no sign that they have any child yet.

It is not always rosy for Grealish and Sasha Attwood

File photo of Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood.
File photo of Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood.

Even though the affair between Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood has been private, it has not been free from controversies.

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The biggest controversy that hit the relationship was a leaked chat Jack Grealish had with Natalia Zoppa, one of the casts of Love Island.

Grealish sent the model a direct message on Instagram that looked like he wanted to cheat on Attwood. Unfortunately for the footballer, Zoppa’s boyfriend Hass Saleh took the issue to TikTok and leaked the secret chat.

He said: “As if today couldn’t get any weirder, the best player in the Premier League tried to chat up my missus!”

The leaked chat almost caused huge damage to Jack Grealish’s relationship with Sasha Attwood but they were able to manage the situation well enough that it didn’t escalate.

Since the incident which happened in March 2021, the footballer nor Attwood did not make any public comment concerning it.

Attwood’s appearance at the Wembley Stadium to watch the footballer play during Euro 2020 in June 2021 confirmed that everything is back to normal.

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The 25-year-old attacking midfielder who still have four years left on his contract with Aston Villa has made three appearances in the ongoing Euro 2020. He has provided two assists which helped England to reach the semi-finals of the competition for the first time in 25 years.

There are strong speculations that Manchester City are seriously trying to sign him from Aston Villa this summer. His transfer market value is around €65 million.

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