Manchester City Chairman, Khaldoon Mubarak, Says Historic Treble Has Been Marred By Charges


Manchester City Chairman, Khaldoon Mubarak, has maintained that Manchester City’s historic treble has been watered down by charges against the club.

Manchester City capped a brilliant and exceptional 2022/23 football campaign with a historic treble after beating Inter Milan in the Champions League final.

The Premier League champions saw off Arsenal threat to win the Premier League title for the third time in a row this season.

They outclassed Manchester United at Wembley with a 2-1 win to be crowned 2023 FA Cup Champions.

After bagging a domestic double, the Premier League giants rounded up a sensational 2022/23 campaign, defeating Inter Milan at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul to win their first Champions League trophy and a historic treble.

Manchester city Khaldoon Mubarak
Manchester City Chairman Khaldoon Mubarak

Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, the Blue side of Manchester completed a decade-long journey to European triumph but the narrative of how the club cut corners to attain the feat has lingered in the media with the Premier League charges as a reference point.

Reacting to the allegations of the club’s financial breaches and the Champions League triumph, Manchester City Chairman, Khaldoon Mubarak said the allegations is a frustrating experience for the club as it attempts to undermine the immense progress recorded by the club in recent years.

Manchester city Khaldoon Mubarak

He described Manchester City’s journey to the treble as incredible, attributing it to the incredible effort by the players and the coaches.

“It’s very frustrating because it takes so much from the great work that’s happening at this club, not just on the football pitch.

“What these players achieved this year, the Treble, is incredible.

“I hope people judge them for their football and what they’re achieving on the pitch. That’s the reality.”

Mubarak added he has strong views on the allegations by the Premier League but will exercise restrain for legal reasons.

“I’ll give you my very blunt views, I promise you that. But I am going to be unfortunately very restrained today.”

Khaldoon Mubarak said Erling Haaland delivered the promise of winning Champions League for Man City

Mubarak also revealed Manchester City ace Erling Haaland promised him he will win the Champions League for Manchester City after joining the club and the Norwegian has delivered on his promise.

“After signing the contract he said, ‘Mr Chairman, I’m going to win the Champions League for you’.

“It really is a testament to his greatness. The scary part, this is just the beginning for him.”

Manchester city Khaldoon Mubarak

Khaldoon Mubarak was appointed Manchester City Chairman by the club’s owner Sheikh Mansour immediately he bought the club which marked the beginning of the rise of Manchester City.

The Charges Against Manchester City

Manchester City are facing charges from the Premier League for breaking financial fairplay rules for nine seasons from 2009 to 2018.

They have been hit with 115 charges all bordering on breaching Financial Fair Play Rules

The charges slammed on the club by the Premier League border on falsifying financial records, overspending, non-disclosure of the club’s source of income, and false players and coaches’ wages.

Interestingly, Manchester City Premier League charges stretch from 2009, a year before the club’s ownership changed hands from former owner Taksin Shinawatra to Sheikh Mansour.

Manchester City could be stripped of all Premier League titles, relegated to Championships or face a hefty fine if proven guilty.


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