Premier League Invite Club Owners to Manchester City Summit to Discuss City’s FFP Rules Breaches


    The Premier League has invited club owners to Manchester City summit aimed at discussing Manchester City’s FFP Rules breaches.

    Premier League
    Todd Boehly pictured at London Churchill Hotel joining the Manchester City Summit

    Chelsea owner Todd Boehly and Newcastle chief Amanda Staveley were pictured storming the summit which took place at London’s Churchill hotel on Thursday.

    The Premier League is seeking the opinion of all representatives from each top flight club as they gathered to discuss the Premier League’s charge against Manchester City.

    The English top flight governing body rummaged through past records of City’s financial dealings and finally decided to slam the club with an astonishing 100 count charge bordering on financial irregularities and breaches of Financial Fair Play Rules.

    The league body confirmed that its investigation span a nine-year period, stretching from 2008/09 to 2017/18 football season.

    Following the charges leveled against the club, Manchester City risk being expelled from the Premier League or relegated to the lower division.

    They can also suffer point deduction or slammed a heavy fine if they are found guilty as charged.

    An independent commission has been set up to delve into the allegations, with both parties anxiously expecting the outcome which will determine the fate of star-studded team.

    Premier League

    There are projections the Premier League will enter a new phase of a long battle with Manchester City following the allegations.

    While expressing shock over the development, Manchester City have welcomed the idea of an independent commission to probe the alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play rules as alleged by the Premier League.

    Meanwhile, they have hired one of the most respected legal luminary in UK Lord Pannick KC to lead the defense for the club.

    While the two warring parties are set for a showdown, the Premier League have reportedly turned a quarterly meeting with club owners in the English top flight into a strategy meeting to discuss City’s impending crisis a day in advance.

    There were reports some club executives in the English top flight wants Manchester City to be expelled from the league following the FFP charges.

    Also, there are fears the case, which has been referred to an independent commission, could dragged on for at least two years without resolution. Hence, the Premier League had summoned some club executives for the summit in which the Manchester City crisis is reportedly part of the agenda.

    Club owners in the Premier League reportedly hold varying opinion on Financial Fair Play Rules but have now closed ranks after the allegations against Manchester City surfaced.

    Premier League

    The Premier League charges against City borders on financial information regarding revenue, details of manager and player remuneration, UEFA regulations, profitability and sustainability and co-operation with Premier League investigations.

    According to reports, Manchester City are optimistic of coming out unsullied after investigations. They have denied any wrongdoing

    Meanwhile, the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal in particular are reportedly hoping to have City flung out of the league following the allegations.


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