Manchester City Hire Renowned Lawyer Lord Pannick To Lead Case Against Premier League Accusations


    Manchester City has hired a prominent barrister – Lord Pannick who previously advised former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the Partygate investigation.

    Manchester City Hire Renowned Lawyer Lord Pannick To Lead Case Against Premier League Accusations

    Over the course of nine years, City was accused of breaking more than 100 suspected Premier League financial rules; if found guilty, they risk losing points or being kicked out of the top division.

    They have hired Lord Pannick KC, who played a key role in the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s decision to overturn UEFA’s two-year ban on competing in European competition in 2020.

    One of the most well-known lawyers in the nation, Pannick defeated Johnson’s administration in the Supreme Court four years ago over the shocking prorogation of Parliament.

    According to reports, Pannick bills his clients for almost £5,000 per hour, which puts him on a par with the highest-paid Premier League players. The reigning champions are confident that they can convincingly refute the allegations before an impartial commission.

    After Sunday morning’s shocking announcement, the environment around the City Football Academy, which houses both playing and business staff, was described as “quiet” and “defiant” towards the end of play on Monday.

    A few hours after the announcement, executives gathered with Pep Guardiola’s team to assure them that the club will clear its name.

    The players at City will be affected by the revelation, as will the players who were a part of the squad throughout the alleged rule-breaking years.

    Some people are interested in learning about potential penalties and the effects on any silverware they may have won while at the Etihad Stadium.

    The first issue is that if City is stripped of his titles—which, if the case is proven, is within the Premier League’s power, will be a harsh blow to the players involved in those successes.

    Other former athletes were encouraged by a punchy club statement that stated: “City is looking ‘forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all’.

    Over the past 48 hours, City has taken steps to reassure all parties involved – players, agents, and staff – that everything is “business as usual” and that they do not want the matter to be a distraction to Guardiola’s team’s efforts to regain ground in the championship fight.

    Manchester City Hire Renowned Lawyer Lord Pannick To Lead Case Against Premier League Accusations

    Planning ahead is also important because agents believe there hasn’t been any variation from that trend this week and City is expected to be busy during the summer season.

    Signing wingers and possibly two midfielders are high on the list of priorities, as Sportsmail reported last week, depending on Ilkay Gundogan and Bernardo Silva’s future. They are still looking for a left defender and may rekindle their interest in Ben Chilwell of Chelsea.

    Prospective players understandably want to know any potential repercussions before committing to playing, thus there may be difficulties in transferring business while there is ambiguity surrounding the case, not least when it will be heard.

    However, City will continue to shape its transfer strategy as previously intended and complete any ongoing contract renewals.

    Their confidence has been debunked by Yves Leterme, the former head investigator for UEFA who was involved in the decision to ban City.

    ‘I am convinced that fraud has been committed by Manchester City,’ Leterme told Sporza. ‘The scope of the complaint is now broader than that at UEFA. Both in time and in substance.’

    ‘Especially because the Premier League does not have to adhere to the same strict limitation periods as we do.’

    What Did Manchester City Do?

    The Premier League has filed a complaint against Manchester City, a powerhouse in the Premier League, for violating the Financial Fair Play (FFP) Rules.

    The Premier League’s defending champions are currently being investigated for more than 100 potential financial dealings violations.

    The Premier League made the allegations of financial rule violations by City public on its website.

    The Premier League makes a bold claim in the announcement that the club has been charged after it discovered proof of the alleged financial irregularities over a nine-year period, from the 2009/10 season to the 2017/2018 season.

    Following is an excerpt from the Premier League’s statements about the mentioned allegation: “In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules by Manchester City Football Club to a Commission.”

    Who Is Lord Pannick?

    David Philip Pannick, Baron Pannick, KC, a British lawyer and crossbencher in the House of Lords, was born on March 7, 1956.

    Manchester City Hire Renowned Lawyer Lord Pannick To Lead Case Against Premier League Accusations

    His primary areas of practice are public law and human rights.

    He has presented arguments in cases before the European Court of Justice, the House of Lords Appellate Committee, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and the European Court of Human Rights.

    He attended the independent Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green, London, thanks to a scholarship.

    He received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a postgraduate Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree from Hertford College in Oxford, where he studied law. In keeping with tradition, his BA was elevated to a Master of Arts (MA).

    He was admitted to the bar at Gray’s Inn in 1979, and from 1988 to 1992 he served on the panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown (Common Law), as the position was known under Queen Elizabeth II.

    In 1995 and 1998, he was also named a Recorder on the South Eastern Circuit and a deputy High Court judge. He retired from the bench in 2005.

    Pannick has testified in court in the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Trinidad, Hong Kong, Brunei, Gibraltar, and the Cayman Islands.

    Before the House of Lords Appellate Committee’s jurisdiction was transferred to the new Supreme Court in October 2009, he appeared in 100 cases before that body.

    What Next For Manchester City?

    Manchester City can join the Championship, League One, or League Two without the EFL’s approval.

    This means that if Man City is kicked out of the Premier League, they might have to play in non-league football.


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