Liverpool 2020/2021 Away kit is here, are you feeling it?

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Liverpool’s away kit for the new 2020/2021 season is here and it’s ready to be preordered. The new premier league season is here and all the teams are ready to make new money by selling new kits to fans. Most of these clubs were severely hit financially due to covid and they are ready to make the best-designed jersey so they can sell a lot of it. Liverpool is ready to make some money and the jersey goes on sale next week.

Liverpool’s 2021 premier league season jersey is out, it’s like a cream color and it’s designed by Nike. However, the club and manufacturers Nike describe the jersey’s colour — not quite white, not quite cream, not quite beige — as “off-white stone. It comes in a polo shirt form. Check it out below.

Curtis Jones said: “I think the fans will love this one. It’s a perfect reflection of the city and you can see the inspiration throughout the design with a throwback to the ’90s.”

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Check out the Liverpool FC team store to buy it.

Liverpool’s 2020 2021 season jersey release date will be July 14, 2021. Approximately 6 days and 2 hours from the time we are publishing this post.

Liverpool Jersey

Liverpool fans don’t have to wait until they are released to order the jersey, it can be preordered from here, click here to buy all Liverpool kits, including jerseys, etc. Liverpool FC jersey 2020 2021 season preorder.

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