Premier League fixtures for 2021-2022 season


    The full Premier League fixtures for the 2021-2022 season are out. The first game of the Premier League campaign will kick off on Saturday, August 14, 2021.

    The current Premier League champions, Manchester City will be in action against Tottenham Hotspur on the first day of the campaign.

    The manager of City, Pep Guardiola could use the game to show the world how prepared his team is to defend the Premier League title they won less than two months ago. And Tottenham Hotspur could attempt to use the game to show the world that they are ready to have a better 2021-2022 season.

    On the same day, newly promoted Norwich City will host Liverpool, while play-off winners Brentford will host Arsenal. Also, London will be on fire as UEFA Champions League reigning champions, Chelsea, start their Premier League campaign at Stamford Bridge against another London club, Crystal Palace.

    Manchester United that finished second on the league table in the just concluded 2020-2021 season, will host Leeds United at Old Trafford on the first day of the Premier League campaign.

    In the 2021-2022 Premier League campaign which will kicks-off on August 14 and end on May 22, 2022, all the 20 clubs will play a combined 380 matches.

    All the games for the first day of the Premier League campaign are scheduled to kick off at 15:00 on August 14 all things being equaled.

    At the time of publishing this report, the Premier League was yet to announce the broadcast selections for the month of August. The league body said the broadcasts selection will be announced on June 21, 2021.

    Below is the games that are expected to take place on the first day of the 2021-2022 Premier League campaign

    Premier League fixtures for 2021-2022 season
    The manager of Manchester City Pep Guardiola lifting the Premier League title.

    Brentford vs Arsenal

    Burnley vs Brighton

    Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

    Everton vs Southampton

    Leicester City vs Wolverhampton

    Manchester United vs Leeds United

    Newcastle United vs West Ham United

    Norwich City vs Liverpool

    Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City

    Watford vs Aston Villa

    Below are the league games that are expected to take place on the last day of the 2021-2022 season (May 22, 2022).

    Arsenal vs Everton

    Brentford vs Leeds United

    Brighton vs West Ham United

    Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Chelsea vs Watford

    Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Leicester City vs Southampton

    Liverpool vs Wolverhampton

    Manchester City vs Aston Villa

    Norwich City vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Below is the full fixtures for the entire 2021-2022 Premier League campaign

    Saturday 14 August

    Brentford v Arsenal
    Burnley v Brighton
    Chelsea v Crystal Palace
    Everton v Southampton
    Leicester v Wolves
    Man Utd v Leeds
    Newcastle v West Ham
    Norwich v Liverpool
    Spurs v Man City
    Watford v Aston Villa

    Saturday 21 August

    Arsenal v Chelsea
    Aston Villa v Newcastle
    Brighton v Watford
    Crystal Palace v Brentford
    Leeds v Everton
    Liverpool v Burnley
    Man City v Norwich
    Southampton v Man Utd
    West Ham v Leicester
    Wolves v Spurs

    Saturday 28 August

    Aston Villa v Brentford
    Brighton v Everton
    Burnley v Leeds
    Liverpool v Chelsea
    Man City v Arsenal
    Newcastle v Southampton
    Norwich v Leicester
    Spurs v Watford
    West Ham v Crystal Palace
    Wolves v Man Utd

    Saturday 11 September

    Arsenal v Norwich
    Brentford v Brighton
    Chelsea v Aston Villa
    Crystal Palace v Spurs
    Everton v Burnley
    Leeds v Liverpool
    Leicester v Man City
    Man Utd v Newcastle
    Southampton v West Ham
    Watford v Wolves

    Saturday 18 September

    Aston Villa v Everton
    Brighton v Leicester
    Burnley v Arsenal
    Liverpool v Crystal Palace
    Man City v Southampton
    Newcastle v Leeds
    Norwich v Watford
    Spurs v Chelsea
    West Ham v Man Utd
    Wolves v Brentford

    Saturday 25 September

    Arsenal v Spurs
    Brentford v Liverpool
    Chelsea v Man City
    Crystal Palace v Brighton
    Everton v Norwich
    Leeds v West Ham
    Leicester v Burnley
    Man Utd v Aston Villa
    Southampton v Wolves
    Watford v Newcastle

    Saturday 2 October

    Brighton v Arsenal
    Burnley v Norwich
    Chelsea v Southampton
    Crystal Palace v Leicester
    Leeds v Watford
    Liverpool v Man City
    Man Utd v Everton
    Spurs v Aston Villa
    West Ham v Brentford
    Wolves v Newcastle

    Saturday 16 October

    Arsenal v Crystal Palace
    Aston Villa v Wolves
    Brentford v Chelsea
    Everton v West Ham
    Leicester v Man Utd
    Man City v Burnley
    Newcastle v Spurs
    Norwich v Brighton
    Southampton v Leeds
    Watford v Liverpool

    Saturday 23 October

    Arsenal v Aston Villa
    Brentford v Leicester
    Brighton v Man City
    Chelsea v Norwich
    Crystal Palace v Newcastle
    Everton v Watford
    Leeds v Wolves
    Man Utd v Liverpool
    Southampton v Burnley
    West Ham v Spurs

    Saturday 30 October

    Aston Villa v West Ham
    Burnley v Brentford
    Leicester v Arsenal
    Liverpool v Brighton
    Man City v Crystal Palace
    Newcastle v Chelsea
    Norwich v Leeds
    Spurs v Man Utd
    Watford v Southampton
    Wolves v Everton

    Saturday 6 November

    Arsenal v Watford
    Brentford v Norwich
    Brighton v Newcastle
    Chelsea v Burnley
    Crystal Palace v Wolves
    Everton v Spurs
    Leeds v Leicester
    Man Utd v Man City
    Southampton v Aston Villa
    West Ham v Liverpool

    Saturday 20 November

    Aston Villa v Brighton
    Burnley v Crystal Palace
    Leicester v Chelsea
    Liverpool v Arsenal
    Man City v Everton
    Newcastle v Brentford
    Norwich v Southampton
    Spurs v Leeds
    Watford v Man Utd
    Wolves v West Ham

    Saturday 27 November

    Arsenal v Newcastle
    Brentford v Everton
    Brighton v Leeds
    Burnley v Spurs
    Chelsea v Man Utd
    Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
    Leicester v Watford
    Liverpool v Southampton
    Man City v West Ham
    Norwich v Wolves

    Tuesday 30 November

    19:45 Aston Villa v Man City
    19:45 Everton v Liverpool
    19:45 Leeds v Crystal Palace
    19:45 Watford v Chelsea
    19:45 West Ham v Brighton
    19:45 Wolves v Burnley
    20:00 Man Utd v Arsenal

    Wednesday 1 December

    19:45 Newcastle v Norwich
    19:45 Southampton v Leicester
    19:45 Spurs v Brentford

    Saturday 4 December

    Aston Villa v Leicester
    Everton v Arsenal
    Leeds v Brentford
    Man Utd v Crystal Palace
    Newcastle v Burnley
    Southampton v Brighton
    Spurs v Norwich
    Watford v Man City
    West Ham v Chelsea
    Wolves v Liverpool

    Saturday 11 December

    Arsenal v Southampton
    Brentford v Watford
    Brighton v Spurs
    Burnley v West Ham
    Chelsea v Leeds
    Crystal Palace v Everton
    Leicester v Newcastle
    Liverpool v Aston Villa
    Man City v Wolves
    Norwich v Man Utd

    Tuesday 14 December

    19:45 Arsenal v West Ham
    19:45 Brentford v Man Utd
    19:45 Brighton v Wolves
    19:45 Burnley v Watford
    19:45 Leicester v Spurs
    19:45 Norwich v Aston Villa
    20:00 Crystal Palace v Southampton

    Wednesday 15 December

    20:00 Chelsea v Everton
    20:00 Liverpool v Newcastle
    20:00 Man City v Leeds

    Saturday 18 December

    Aston Villa v Burnley
    Everton v Leicester
    Leeds v Arsenal
    Man Utd v Brighton
    Newcastle v Man City
    Southampton v Brentford
    Spurs v Liverpool
    Watford v Crystal Palace
    West Ham v Norwich
    Wolves v Chelsea

    Saturday 26 December

    Aston Villa v Chelsea
    Brighton v Brentford
    Burnley v Everton
    Liverpool v Leeds
    Man City v Leicester
    Newcastle v Man Utd
    Norwich v Arsenal
    Spurs v Crystal Palace
    West Ham v Southampton
    Wolves v Watford

    Tuesday 28 December

    Arsenal v Wolves
    Brentford v Man City
    Chelsea v Brighton
    Crystal Palace v Norwich
    Everton v Newcastle
    Leeds v Aston Villa
    Leicester v Liverpool
    Man Utd v Burnley
    Southampton v Spurs
    Watford v West Ham

    Saturday 1 January

    Arsenal v Man City
    Brentford v Aston Villa
    Chelsea v Liverpool
    Crystal Palace v West Ham
    Everton v Brighton
    Leeds v Burnley
    Leicester v Norwich
    Man Utd v Wolves
    Southampton v Newcastle
    Watford v Spurs

    Saturday 15 January

    Aston Villa v Man Utd
    Brighton v Crystal Palace
    Burnley v Leicester
    Liverpool v Brentford
    Man City v Chelsea
    Newcastle v Watford
    Norwich v Everton
    Spurs v Arsenal
    West Ham v Leeds
    Wolves v Southampton

    Saturday 22 January

    Arsenal v Burnley
    Brentford v Wolves
    Chelsea v Spurs
    Crystal Palace v Liverpool
    Everton v Aston Villa
    Leeds v Newcastle
    Leicester v Brighton
    Man Utd v West Ham
    Southampton v Man City
    Watford v Norwich

    Tuesday 8 February

    19:45 Aston Villa v Leeds
    19:45 Brighton v Chelsea
    19:45 Burnley v Man Utd
    19:45 Norwich v Crystal Palace
    19:45 West Ham v Watford
    19:45 Wolves v Arsenal

    Wednesday 9 February

    19:45 Newcastle v Everton
    19:45 Spurs v Southampton
    20:00 Liverpool v Leicester
    20:00 Man City v Brentford

    Saturday 12 February

    Brentford v Crystal Palace
    Burnley v Liverpool
    Chelsea v Arsenal
    Everton v Leeds
    Leicester v West Ham
    Man Utd v Southampton
    Newcastle v Aston Villa
    Norwich v Man City
    Spurs v Wolves
    Watford v Brighton

    Saturday 19 February

    Arsenal v Brentford
    Aston Villa v Watford
    Brighton v Burnley
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea
    Leeds v Man Utd
    Liverpool v Norwich
    Man City v Spurs
    Southampton v Everton
    West Ham v Newcastle
    Wolves v Leicester

    Saturday 26 February

    Arsenal v Liverpool
    Brentford v Newcastle
    Brighton v Aston Villa
    Chelsea v Leicester
    Crystal Palace v Burnley
    Everton v Man City
    Leeds v Spurs
    Man Utd v Watford
    Southampton v Norwich
    West Ham v Wolves

    Saturday 5 March

    Aston Villa v Southampton
    Burnley v Chelsea
    Leicester v Leeds
    Liverpool v West Ham
    Man City v Man Utd
    Newcastle v Brighton
    Norwich v Brentford
    Spurs v Everton
    Watford v Arsenal
    Wolves v Crystal Palace

    Saturday 12 March

    Arsenal v Leicester
    Brentford v Burnley
    Brighton v Liverpool
    Chelsea v Newcastle
    Crystal Palace v Man City
    Everton v Wolves
    Leeds v Norwich
    Man Utd v Spurs
    Southampton v Watford
    West Ham v Aston Villa

    Saturday 19 March

    Aston Villa v Arsenal
    Burnley v Southampton
    Leicester v Brentford
    Liverpool v Man Utd
    Man City v Brighton
    Newcastle v Crystal Palace
    Norwich v Chelsea
    Spurs v West Ham
    Watford v Everton
    Wolves v Leeds

    Saturday 2 April

    Brighton v Norwich
    Burnley v Man City
    Chelsea v Brentford
    Crystal Palace v Arsenal
    Leeds v Southampton
    Liverpool v Watford
    Man Utd v Leicester
    Spurs v Newcastle
    West Ham v Everton
    Wolves v Aston Villa

    Saturday 9 April

    Arsenal v Brighton
    Aston Villa v Spurs
    Brentford v West Ham
    Everton v Man Utd
    Leicester v Crystal Palace
    Man City v Liverpool
    Newcastle v Wolves
    Norwich v Burnley
    Southampton v Chelsea
    Watford v Leeds

    Saturday 16 April

    Aston Villa v Liverpool
    Everton v Crystal Palace
    Leeds v Chelsea
    Man Utd v Norwich
    Newcastle v Leicester
    Southampton v Arsenal
    Spurs v Brighton
    Watford v Brentford
    West Ham v Burnley
    Wolves v Man City

    Saturday 23 April

    Arsenal v Man Utd
    Brentford v Spurs
    Brighton v Southampton
    Burnley v Wolves
    Chelsea v West Ham
    Crystal Palace v Leeds
    Leicester v Aston Villa
    Liverpool v Everton
    Man City v Watford
    Norwich v Newcastle

    Saturday 30 April

    Aston Villa v Norwich
    Everton v Chelsea
    Leeds v Man City
    Man Utd v Brentford
    Newcastle v Liverpool
    Southampton v Crystal Palace
    Spurs v Leicester
    Watford v Burnley
    West Ham v Arsenal
    Wolves v Brighton

    Saturday 7 May

    Arsenal v Leeds
    Brentford v Southampton
    Brighton v Man Utd
    Burnley v Aston Villa
    Chelsea v Wolves
    Crystal Palace v Watford
    Leicester v Everton
    Liverpool v Spurs
    Man City v Newcastle
    Norwich v West Ham

    Sunday 15 May*

    Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
    Everton v Brentford
    Leeds v Brighton
    Man Utd v Chelsea
    Newcastle v Arsenal
    Southampton v Liverpool
    Spurs v Burnley
    Watford v Leicester
    West Ham v Man City
    Wolves v Norwich

    • To avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

    Sunday 22 May

    16:00 Arsenal v Everton
    16:00 Brentford v Leeds
    16:00 Brighton v West Ham
    16:00 Burnley v Newcastle
    16:00 Chelsea v Watford
    16:00 Crystal Palace v Man Utd
    16:00 Leicester v Southampton
    16:00 Liverpool v Wolves
    16:00 Man City v Aston Villa
    16:00 Norwich v Spurs


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