Euro 2020: Laser pointed at Denmark goalkeeper Schmeichel’s face prior to Harry Kane’s penalty… England to face charges


The Semifinal game between Denmark and England will forever be surrounded by controversies as new developments kept rolling involving cheating allegations.    England won, but Denmark’s coach criticized the referee and now there is a new report showing Kasper Schmeichel being lasered before the penalty kick.  As a result, England national football team organization will have to pay a fine for the incident. Charges pending

 The laser was pointed at Schmeichel’s face when England striker Harry Kane took his stand to take the penalty kick.  The penalty was saved by the Leicester City goalkeeper but Harry Kane was there to put it back in the net and that sends England into the Euro 2020 final.

EUFA took on the case and handed decided to charge England after the investigation was concluded. The specifics of the charge are not public yet but it will be released soon.

In a statement, UEFA said: “Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the UEFA EURO 2020 semifinal match between England and Denmark (2-1), played on 7 July at Wembley Stadium, London.”


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