Kevin De Bruyne Reveals How his friend forced him to contact his wife Michele Lacroix

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Kevin De Bruyne is arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world but he was apparently not a good “relationship initiator” before he got married to his current wife Michele Lacroix.

The 29-year-old Belgium star once shared a tribute to his 26-year-old wife where he revealed how he almost missed the opportunity of reaching out to her due to the fear of being rejected.

Kevin De Bruyne said the incident happened when he was still single and on loan at Werder Bremen from Chelsea football club between 2012 and 2013. As a rising football star then, he said he only had some thousands of Twitter followers.

So, he said he once shared a tweet and when he checked his notification afterwards, he discovered that a beautiful young lady made the tweet her favourite. Out of curiosity, De Bruyne said he decided to check her out and he was intrigued but wasn’t confident enough to slide to her DM in order to start a conversation with her.

Fortunately for the Manchester City star, a friend of his was around and was also intrigued by the beauty of the young lady as it could be seen on her profile picture then. Hence, Kevin De Bruyne said his friend pressured him to reach out to her but he refused.

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When De Bruyne‘s friend had no other choice, he grabbed the footballer’s phone and decided to compose a message on behalf of the Manchester City‘s star. After a bit of reluctancy, De Bruyne permitted his friend to send the message. From that point, he and the lady, who is Michele Lacroix, began to text themselves until they ended up in a relationship and then got married in 2017.

Here is Kevin De Bruyne’s testimony:

Kevin De Bruyne and his wife Michele Lacroix
Kevin De Bruyne and his wife Michele Lacroix

“Everything changed then. But not just because of football. It was also because I had my (future) wife by my side.

“She helped me grow in ways that I’ve probably never expressed out loud — even to her. This is such an embarrassing story that I hesitate to tell it! But since I promised you honesty, then I guess I have to. And it’s pretty funny, anyway.

“It started with a tweet. I only had a few thousand followers at the time, because I was still on loan at Werder Bremen. So I tweeted something about a match or whatever, and this pretty girl favourited it.

“I was single at the time, and my friend noticed it. So he said, ‘She looks like a nice girl, no? You should send her a message.’

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“And I literally said to him, ‘No, no, no. Come on. People don’t like me. They don’t get me. She won’t respond.’

“So he grabbed my phone and started tapping out a message. He showed me the phone and said, ‘Come on, can I hit send?’ I was probably on the floor, cringing, but for some reason, I said, ‘O.K. fine, send it.’

“Says it all, no? I’m supposed to be this big footballer, and I didn’t even have the heart to slide into my future wife’s DMs! I didn’t dare!

“But thankfully, he sent the message for me, and she responded. We got to know each other over text for a few months. It’s a lot easier for me once I get to know someone, so after that, I was good. It really was a beautiful thing.

“She changed my life in so many ways. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix recently celebrated their three years of marriage. The marriage is already blessed with two children – Mason Milian De Bruyne, born on 10 March 2016 and Rome De Bruyne, born on 31 October 2018. Their third child is on the way as Lacroix is heavily pregnant.

Who is Michele Lacroix the wife of Kevin De Bruyne?

Who is Michele Lacroix the wife of Kevin De Bruyne?
Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix was born on December 8, 1993, in her hometown in Genk, Belgium. She is a graduate of the University of Hasselt, Belgium.

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Before she met the Manchester City star, Michele reportedly worked as a hostess and promo girl for Prime Impressions in Hasselt.

Besides being the wife of a football star and the mother of his children, the 26-year-old beautiful blonde is not known for any career outside marriage.

She enjoys sharing her bikinis pictures to her over 273 thousand Instagram followers but in recent times, she post more of her family pictures to the admiration of her followers.

Despite the fact that she is not a known career woman, she hardly shows up for her husband matches. However, she was with her husband on the pitch when Manchester City players were celebrity their Premier League title win in May 2019.

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