Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool laments after receiving ‘massive blow’ from Chelsea


    Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool team were on the losing side once again as the Merseyside club could not find a way to break down a resilient Chelsea’s side.

    On Thursday, March 4, Chelsea made the Anfield Stadium which used to be a fortress for Liverpool for four years, looked like their Stamford Bridge. For the first time in a long while, Chelsea took the game to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp couldn’t stop Thomas Tuchel’s men.

    Despite 5 shots on target in the entire game, Chelsea’s Mason Mount’s 42nd-minute effort was enough to earn Liverpool their 5th successive defeat at Anfield. It was also enough to take Chelsea back to the top four with 47 points in 27 games.

    As it stands, Liverpool whose hope was to finish in the top-four are gradually distancing themselves from the target as they are now sitting 7th on the league table with 43 points in 27 games, four points away from 4th placed Chelsea.

    Thursday’s defeat means that Jurgen Klopp has only earned a point in the possible 21 points he would have earned at Anfield since December 2020. Liverpool have managed to score just two goals at Anfield in over two months.

    To make it worst for the reigning Premier League champions, their 5th successive defeat at Anfield on Thursday is the worst losing streak at home in the history of the club. Jurgen Klopp and his boys have had a better last four years than the last four weeks in terms of winning at Anfield.

    In reaction to Liverpool’s defeat in the hands of Chelsea on Thursday, the coach of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp admitted that the defeat was a “massive blow” to the club’s hope of finishing in the top four this season.

    “It is not done yet, but we don’t have to talk about if you lose that many games, you don’t have the right to go to the Champions League”, Klopp noted.

    “We have to win football games and we know that and we will work on it, but for tonight, it was not enough.”

    On the game against Chelsea, Klopp said: “Intense game, tight game, one decisive moment decided the game with the quality of Mason.

    “Our situations we didn’t use. That is pretty much the explanation for the result.

    “I try to be as honest as possible, I told the boys what I saw tonight. It’s not that we go for any kind of excuses at this moment.

    “These games are decided in moments and to get these moments back you have to fight and sometimes at a different level. It’s not about tactics. It’s about being resilient and heart.

    “We won’t blame the circumstances. There is only one person to criticize. That is me and us. That is what I told the boys.”

    Jurgen Klopp is not bothered about Mohamed Salah’s attitude after he was substituted

    Jurgen Klopp concentrates on the game against Chelsea as Mohamed Salah walked to the bench angrily.
    Jurgen Klopp concentrates on the game against Chelsea as Mohamed Salah walked to the bench angrily.

    Besides losing to Chelsea at home, another big issue for Jurgen Klopp was the attitude Liverpool’s talisman, Mohamed Salah showed after he was substituted.

    Salah who is the current highest goalscorer in the Premier League shook his head continuously when he was removed from the game. He continued to display the gesture at Liverpool’s bench.

    When Klopp was asked about the gesture Mohamed Salah made after he was substituted, the German tactician said it is not a problem for Salah to look disappointed.

    “When the boys look disappointed it is not a problem, Klopp added. “I didn’t see what Mo did.

    “The reason for the sub was that, and I could have changed other players as well that’s true, but he looked in that moment that he really felt the intensity and I didn’t want to risk him.

    “That’s all. I’ve known him a long time and it’s really rare as he usually looks fresh.”


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