Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp says ‘Plenty of people’ have written off the club


    The manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp, says many people have written off the Premier League reigning champions due to a poor run of games. The German tactician who noted this after Liverpool’s win over Sheffield United on Sunday, February 28, insisted that his club is still in exciting places.

    Liverpool football club halted their four successive defeats with their victory over Sheffield United. Before the win, the last time Liverpool enjoyed victory in the Premier League was on January 31, 2020, when they defeated West Ham United 3-1.

    After that, they suffered defeats in the hands of Brighton, Manchester City, Leicester City, and Everton. Since the beginning of 2021, Liverpool have recorded just two victories in 10 Premier League games.

    Their poor form has dragged them from the top of the Premier League table down to the 6th spot with 43 points in 26 games. They have recorded 12 victories, 7 draws, and 7 defeats so far this season.

    As it stands, Liverpool are just two points away from 4th placed West Ham United, which means that if the reigning Premier League champions win their next league match which is against Chelsea on March 4, Jurgen Klopp and his boys could return to a Champions League spot.

    Liverpool players celebrate their goal against Sheffield United.
    Liverpool players celebrate their goal against Sheffield United.

    However, Liverpool’s movement into the top four would not only be determined by the outcome of their match against Chelsea, the outcome of the league match between West Ham and Leeds United on March 8 will also go a long way to determine Liverpool’s progress.

    While the calculation of how Liverpool will return into the top four is going on, the coach of the club, Jurgen Klopp, is more concerned about celebrating how Liverpool remained relevant in the league despite all the injury woes at the club.

    He said: “Plenty of people have written us off. With all the problems we have had we’re still around the exciting places.

    “This was about us showing we’re still there. We play Chelsea on Thursday, we have to show it again. We have to win football games, we know that. There’s no way into the Champions League without results.”

    On the outcome of Liverpool’s league match against Sheffield United on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp said: “I think it is clear that we scored the two goals with the two rather scrappy situations. So, a deflected ball and the ball were obviously the whole of Sheffield thought the ball is out.

    “But the first goal especially shows a little bit the difference between the other games and tonight because we missed chances in the first half, played super football, created super chances, and we all know we had times when we score in these situations but not at the moment.

    “So, we have to turn around with other goals and we stay on track for the first goal – Trent keeps the ball in the game and then Curtis finishes the situation off. I think Sheffield was stood still at that moment if I’m right.

    “I didn’t celebrate because they have a better position than I have, so they probably know it’s out. On top of that, the bench of Sheffield said when they watched it on the screen, on the iPad, the ball was out. I thought, ‘OK, the ball was out.’ But then the ball was not out and it was a big surprise.”


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