Jose Mourinho Tells Thomas Tuchel how easy it is to be successful at Chelsea


    The manager of Tottenham Hotspur Jose Mourinho has hinted to the new manager of Chelsea football club, Thomas Tuchel that it is easy to be successful at Chelsea.

    Jose Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea between 2004 and 2007 before he parted ways with the club. The Portuguese tactician returned to the club in 2013 and was sacked in 2015.

    During his first era at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho won two Premier League titles, one FA Cup, two football league cup, and one FA Community Shield. In his second era at the club, the 58-year-old Portuguese coach won one Premier League title and one Football League Cup.

    Since Jose Mourinho left the club, Chelsea have changed a series of coaches including Frank Lampard who was recently sacked by Chelsea and replaced by Thomas Tuchel.

    Since Tuchel took over the managerial role at the club, he has lead Chelsea to two Premier League games in which he drew the first one and won the second.

    He will face his biggest test today, February 4, at 21:00 when Chelsea visit Tottenham Hotspur stadium for their 22nd league match. Ahead of the London derby, Tottenham’s coach, Mourinho said it has never been difficult for coaches to win titles at Chelsea, which implies that it should not be difficult for Thomas Tuchel to be successful at the club.

    “I don’t think it’s very difficult to coach at Chelsea because I was champion three times, (Carlo) Ancelotti was champion, Antonio Conte was champion,” he said. “It cannot be very, very difficult because we win titles there.

    “I believe Chelsea always has great players and great squads and good coaches are happy to work with these clubs and with players that give you a very good opportunity to be successful and to win titles.

    “Then I understand your question, and of course a coach needs time and needs stability, and is a very good thing to feel stability.

    “I’m not saying stability helps you sleep, I’m saying that stability gives you a different way of thinking, and you are not just thinking about today, you are also thinking about tomorrow, you are also thinking (about) the future.

    “That’s the way it is. It’s Mr. Abramovich’s club, and you have to understand that it’s up to him to make his decisions.

    “In my case, I was there in two different periods, and I was champion in two different periods, and I’m very happy to have been there before and have that opportunity.”

    Jose Mourinho, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur.
    Jose Mourinho, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

    Mourinho and his boys are looking forward to getting the maximum three points against Chelsea tonight. If Tottenham win the game, they will have 36 points which would take them from the 8th spot to the 7th spot pending the outcome of Everton’s league game.

    During the pre-match press conference ahead of Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea league match, Jose Mourinho spent quality time explaining the changes at Chelsea from the era of coach Antonio Conte and the present coach of the club, Thomas Tuchel.

    “Immediately a coach arrives in a club and tries to give a bit of a different fingerprint,” Mourinho said. “Every coach has different ideas. Dramatic changes probably don’t work because the players are not ready for it. But small changes can make a positive impact.

    “From what I read what happened was that Chelsea go away from where they create a lot in the past years.

    “Antonio Conte was playing like this for two years. Frank played many times following in this direction. So the players know how to play in the way they are playing.

    “And then there are the qualities of the players and they have lots of players with qualities, but being with a very pragmatic objective, Chelsea were a very good team with Frank.

    “You can tell me they had bad results here and there. The results in Champions League were amazing. But they had a very good team with Frank and they have a very good team with Tuchel.”


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