Tottenham vs Liverpool: Jose Mourinho Says he doesn’t have temper issues like Jurgen Klopp


    Tottenham vs Liverpool is a Premier League fixture most football fans are waiting for not just for the game on the pitch but the drama that might ensue on the sidelines.

    Tottenham Hotspur is being managed by one of the most successful football managers in the world Jose Mourinho and he is going against Liverpool which is being managed by a competitive Jurgen Klopp.

    In recent times, Klopp has proven to be a German coach that set up his team to win all the time and whenever the game seems not to be going as planned, it always gets to him. One of the ways he always reacts when the going gets tough for him his to lose his temper.

    Klopp has displayed such attributes in a couple of games this season against Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, and Burnley’s Sean Dyche. He and Jose Mourinho also exchange words at the end of their first meeting this season.

    Before now, Jose Mourinho is known to be a coach that has recorded a couple of issues on the touchline especially when he was the coach of Chelsea and then the coach of Manchester United. Whenever he gets involved in some unethical antics on the touchline, he used to get banned or fined.

    But in recent times, especially when Klopp was seen shouting at Burnley’s coach aggressively on their way to the tunnel after the first half of a league match between Liverpool and Burnley played on January 21, the handlers of the league did not punish Klopp.

    Hence, ahead of Tottenham vs Liverpool league game which is expected to be as heated as possible, Mourinho believed that Klopp is being favored for not being punished for his uncontrolled temper.

    Mourinho noted how he would have been forced to watch a game like Tottenham vs Liverpool fixture on television or get fined heavily if he was the one that failed to control his temper as Jurgen Klopp did on January 21.

    “In my case, I felt an evolution. I felt an evolution on the emotional control,” Mourinho said.

    “I felt an evolution in that the calmer I am, the better I can read the game. And I’m even happy that my assistants, look to the touchline sometimes for communication and I stay in a privileged position.

    “And I felt that I had to change my behavior, which I’m really happy with. That’s my case. I cannot speak for other guys.

    “What I can say, is when I didn’t behave well, I paid the price. And I paid the price in two ways: one was to see matches on TV in the dressing room and another price was big-money fines and I feel that, for some of the other guys, it doesn’t happen the same.

    “It doesn’t happen the same with them. But, if the referee and the fourth official are there to do that job, I just hope they do that job and act the way they have to act.”

    Tottenham vs Liverpool: the difference the game can make

    Tottenham vs Liverpool: the difference the game can make
    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho.

    The Premier League match between Tottenham and Liverpool which is scheduled to take place at Tottenham Stadium on January 28, at 21:00 could further mar the aspiration of Liverpool to successfully defend the league title they won last season.

    Jurgen Klopp and his boys have been suffering a decline in their form which has seen them decline from the top of the league table to the 5th spot between December and January 21 when they suffered their first home defeat this season in the hands of Burnley.

    It has been so terrible for Liverpool that no player in the club has been able to score a goal in the league since 2021. Hence, they need all the inspiration to turn things around before they completely lose out of the opportunity to contend for the league title.

    Liverpool are currently sitting on the 5th spot on the league table with 34 points in 19 league games. They have recorded 3 defeats, 7 draws, and 9 victories so far this season.

    As for Tottenham, Jose Mourinho and his boys have not been as consistent as expected. There was a point in the season they looked like title contenders but now, they are struggling to find a spot in the top four.

    It has become so tough for Tottenham that the London club that was once at the top of the league table is now on the 6th spot with 33 points in 18 league games.

    If Tottenham win tonight’s league game, Mourinho and his boys will move as high as occupying the 4th spot pending the outcome of other league matches. If Liverpool win, they will move to the 4th spot.


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