Joe Gomez, his lover Tamara, and update on his knee injury


Joe Gomez has been one of the hottest football stars in the Premier League and Europe as a whole, especially after the 2018-2019 season in which he contributed to Liverpool’s triumph in the Champions League, Club World Cup, and Super Cup.

He did the same thing during the 2019-2020 season in which he participated actively in ensuring that Liverpool won their first Premier League title in 30 years.

In the glowing career of the 23-year-old English center-back, he has been enjoying the support of his childhood sweetheart, Tamara. He and the beautiful lady have been in a serious relationship since they were in high school.

According to an interview, Joe Gomez granted Daily Mail in October 2018, he and his fiancee met on a bus in 2014 while they were still students at a school in South London. He couldn’t ask her out one-on-one and had to ask her out via a BlackBerry messaging app.

“I didn’t have much chat, I was quite quiet”, he said. “But it was all about Blackberry messenger back then. I started messaging and talking and we got to know each other.”

Since then, they have both enjoyed a controversy-free relationship even after he left London where he was playing for Charlton between 2014 to 2015. When he moved to Merseyside to play for Liverpool football club in 2015, Joe Gomez had to invite Tamara to move in with him.

Hence, Tamara and Joe Gomez have been staying together since 2015 but there is no record that he and the lady are married. Besides the fact that she furthered her education to the University level, she is known more as the fiancee of Joe Gomez.

Joe Gomez and Tamara loving up at the bench.
Joe Gomez and Tamara loving up at the bench.

After spending over three years together, Joe Gomez and Tamara welcomed their first child in 2018 and they named him Kyrie. Gomez’s son was born in the same week Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in Madrid to win the UEFA Champions League.

“They were two big highs for me and it was special that they were both incorporated in such a short space of time. But, yeah, it was a positive experience for me and a week I will treasure forever”, he said.

Joe Gomez and his injury

Joe Gomez might be enjoying beautiful family life and a glowing football career, it has not been so smooth for him in terms of his fitness level. Recall that since the second week of November 2020, he has been out of football due to the knee injury he sustained while on international duty with England.

Joe Gomez's knee after the knee surgery.
Joe Gomez’s knee after the knee surgery.

Afterward, he had to be operated upon and decided to keep mute on social media after the knee surgery. He however broke his silence on Thursday when he took to social media to show his fans pictures and a video showing how he has been trying to recover from the injury.

In the pictures and video he shared, Gomez could be seen swimming, cycling, and engaging in various cardio activities at Liverpool’s AXA training center to regain fitness after over two months of staying out of football.

Since the defender has been out with the knee injury, he has missed 15 games in all competitions and has watched far away from the bench how Liverpool slipped from the top spot to the 4th spot on the league table, thanks to their 5 games winless run.


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