Premier League: Only Liverpool and Everton will be allowed to host 2,000 fans, for now … This is why

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It is only Liverpool and Everton that will be allowed to host 2,00 fans on their grounds after Southampton and Brighton entered Tier 4 of the coronavirus.

Other teams based in Liverpool will enjoy such priviledge because there has not been rising cases of COVID-19 in the town.

All London club had two weeks ago entre Tier four due to rising cases, which made the likes of Arsenal Tottenham Hotspurs, West Ham, and Fulham play their home games without spectators.

According to the latest COVID-19 update, several areas in the East, South East and parts of the South West of England have been placed in Tier 4 to battle the growing number of coronavirus cases.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who made the announcement on Wednesday said cases have risen across the country by 57 percent in the last week, with hospital admissions at the highest level since April.

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The health secretary says against this backdrop, it is “absolutely vital that we act”.

Most clubs suffering would have used fans to rejig their season

The roles of fans in football games are massive. Their contribution to their teams’ performance on the pitch stem from how they urged their belove teams to take the games to their opponents.

For instance, Liverpool took advantage of having fans in Anfield during their Premier League clash against Wolves and they became the 12th man on the pitch. This could be a positive sign for the Ress.

However, Arsenal got booed during their games with the fans this season except for their last Europa League homee clash when they pummeled Molde 4-1.

It could also be a good thing for them at the moment as the Gunners look demotivated. During their games with fans at the stands, Arsenal didn’t up their performance which left them furious. What this resulted to was constant booing of the squad.

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But this worked for Everton and Tottenham as well, especiually when they spurred them to wins agaonst Arsenal.

But the health of everyone is paramount. The players are already used to hearing artificial sounds and not playing with the fans watching at the strands.

All in all, not having fans in some stadiums could be considered as a setback for the Premier League, but what matters is the health of all. It is hoped that the fight against the deadly virus continues in order to have a safe society for normalcy to return soon.

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