Harry Kane celebrates the birthday of the mother of his three kids, Katie Goodland


    Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane took to his Instagram page on Thursday to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Katie Goodland. The 27-year-old England international shared a picture of the stunning mother of three which showed when she was still heavily pregnant.

    In the caption, Harry Kane wished Katie a happy birthday describing her as his beautiful wife and “the best Mummy” to their three kids”.

    Katie Goodland was born on January 21, 1993. Hence on Thursday, she turned 27-year-old which means that she and her husband who was born on July 28, 1993, are now in the same age bracket at least until the end of July.

    Katie Goodland who is mostly known as Harry Kane’s housewife gave birth to her third child on 29 December 2020. She and Kane named the newborn baby boy Louis Harry Kane. He happens to be their first male child after two girls – Ivy Jane Kane born on 8 January 2017 and Vivienne Jane Kane born in August 2018.

    Harry Kane, his wife, Katie Goodland, and his newborn baby Louis.
    Harry Kane, his wife, Katie Goodland, and his newborn baby Louis.

    Before Harry Kane and Katie Goodland started childbearing, the childhood lovers first made their relationship public in 2015 through an interview Kane had in February that year.

    Two years after, Kane announced that he has asked Katie to marry him and she had said yes. In June 2019, the Tottenham Hotspur’s striker announced that he and Katie were husband and wife.

    Ever since then, it has been a beautiful love life which Kane and Katie don’t usually hesitate to flaunt on the internet. The world got to know that they were expecting their first son in July 2020 when they shared a football-themed gender revealing video to announce the good news.

    On Tuesday, January 19, Katie Goodland took to her Instagram account to share her experience about the birth method she used to give birth to her son Louis on December 29. The birth method is known as the hypnobirthing technique. According to her post, she used the same method to give birth to her other children.

    “Harry and I used hypnobirthing again as we did with both of the girls’ births”, she wrote.

    “I originally looked at hypnobirthing when I first got pregnant with Ivy as I was so fearful of birth and the unknown and it taught me not to FEAR birth and to take control of it.

    “After the course, I was so excited to give birth with the girls, however, unlike my previous pregnancies I struggled this time.

    “I let a lot of other negative stories get into my head from other people and what I read online. I started to compare myself to other women and their births along with the pressure of being in and out of a lockdown and a lot of other negative factors.

    “I turned to hypnobirthing again to get that feeling of control and confidence back.

    “The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how your baby enters the world as long as they’re safe, but IF it can be the mother’s choice and a positive experience, feeling in control then even better.

    “Every woman’s story is their own and unique to them, no two births or pregnancies are the same and no one should pressure you into any particular path, it’s your free choice.

    “Whatever way you choose, hypnobirthing can help with all types of births not just natural.

    “There is a lot of misunderstanding about hypnobirthing. It is more about understanding your pregnancy and your body and teaching you the techniques for a calm and confident birth.

    “This allows you and your partner to have that control and use methods if you need them whatever turn your birthing takes. I think now more than ever there is so much fear, anxiety, and pressure around birth so look into hypnobirthing and remember to stay POSITIVE!

    “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”


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