Jobs In Lagos That Footballers Can Do


If you are a sports fan, you may be interested in a career in a football-related career. You can do football jobs regardless of whether your skills are more technical or interpersonal. Finding a career path you enjoy might be aided by learning about some of the greatest jobs you can pursue without having to be an athlete. In this article, we examine alternative football jobs in Lagos you can do outside of being a football player. We also take a look at the descriptions for such jobs and salaries. 

Football Jobs In Lagos You Can Do

 Below are some lucrative football-related careers you can consider if you are looking forward to working in the football industry.

Football Coach

Sports coaches are trainers who work with players to help them reach their greatest potential. A sports coach offers instruction to help players improve their skills and strategies. Coaches create game plans and provide their squad instructions on how to execute them. Football coaches frequently oversee either the offense or the defense. A sports coach can have to explain the goals of the game and the rules to the athletes, depending on their age.

Job Description Of A Football Coach

  • Conducting practices and planning strategies with the coaching staff to develop players’ skills
  • Creating a positive environment that encourages teamwork and morale while fostering an understanding of teamwork
  • Preparing game plans based on opponents’ tendencies, as well as team strengths and weaknesses
  • Observing game film to analyze player performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Communicating with parents about their child’s progress and behavior to build rapport and trust
  • Motivating players to perform at their best and encouraging them when they are struggling
  • Coordinating with other staff members to schedule practices and games, obtain the necessary equipment, or arrange for facilities or transportation
  • Maintaining discipline on the team while setting an example of leadership through actions
  • Conducting post-game analysis with the coaching staff to identify areas for improvement

Team Manager

The coach and players are all under the direction of the team manager. They might decide on the uniform style. They also employ personnel, such as a team’s coaches. A Team manager keeps an eye on the group and make sure that coaches and playings stay focused. They might create efforts to improve the sports program and offer resources for better player training if the need arises. By organizing events, team managers also contribute to increasing local support for the football team.

Sports Center Manager

The manager of a sports complex oversees the facility’s operations. They are capable of managing fields, gyms, stadiums, and arenas where football and other sporting events take place. Trainers, concession workers, custodians, and ushers are among the staff members that a sports facility manager is responsible for supervising. They might manage lease contracts for teams renting the center for practice. Managers of sports facilities also create plans for enhancement, such as renovation ideas for the facility.


A game official who upholds the laws of play is a referee. Referees monitor games to see whether participants follow the rules or not. They get to decide what counts as a goal, a penalty, and what constitutes good sportsmanship. A game’s beginning and end are announced by the referee. Before the game begins, they could also inspect the gaming equipment to guarantee its safety and compliance with rules. Referees must thoroughly research the sports they may officiate and get familiar with all of the relevant laws and regulations to do their jobs effectively.

Job Description Of A Referee

  • Enforcing the rules of the sport being played by issuing penalties for infractions or misconduct
  • Keeping track of time and announcing scheduled breaks in play
  • Observing players’ behavior during the game to ensure that they are abiding by the rules of conduct
  • Communicating with coaches and team managers to settle disputes between players and teams
  • Determining whether a ball has crossed the goal line or the line of scrimmage has been broken 
  • Calling fouls against players who commit infractions such as holding, interference, charging, etc.
  • Observing players for signs of injury or physical impairment and stopping play if necessary
  • Calling a timeout when one is requested by a coach or player
  • Making rulings on fouls during a game and issuing penalties for misconduct

Football Writer

This is a journalist who majorly covers footballing events. To report on the games for football fans, a football writer attend football and other sporting events. To write good stories about particular players or teams, they may also conduct research. Although they might have their blogs, they frequently write for print media and internet news outlets. With a press pass, football writers are permitted entry to sporting events and occasionally have exclusive access to players.

Job Description Of A Football Writer

  • Covering breaking news stories about sports events, teams, players, and organizations
  • Interviewing athletes, coaches, owners, and other key figures in the sports industry to gather information for stories
  • Writing articles that analyze current trends in the sports world and predict future developments
  • Preparing research materials such as statistics and background information on players and teams
  • Reporting on breaking news stories as they happen, including injuries, player suspensions, and other key details
  • Covering live sporting events such as games or competitions, reviewing the performance of individual players, and interviewing participants
  • Interviewing coaches and team executives to get their perspective on recent events in their sport or league
  • Writing articles about specific sports and topics related to those sports, such as equipment or training techniques
  • Interviewing experts in the field to gather information for stories on topics such as health and fitness, injuries, nutrition, and mental health issues

Talent Scout

A talent scout is a sports team recruiter who seeks the best players to join the team. Talent scouts find the most gifted athletes in the region for institutions, professional teams, and niche organizations to form winning teams. They look up player statistics, take trips to watch the athlete compete, and make recruitment offers to athletes. To learn about athletes who might be of interest to professional clubs, talent scouts can network with coaches.

Job Description Of A Talent Scout

  • Watch various sports games at local high schools and colleges
  • Attend professional sports games
  • Identify players with high potential and outstanding skills and style
  • Network with agents, venue managers, and coaches who can introduce you to new talent
  • Reach out to talented athletes and conduct preliminary interviews to understand their motives and professional goals
  • Arrange meetings between athletes and coaches or team managers
  • Coordinate contract negotiations between athletes and the team
  • Watch game footage to gather athletes’ performance stats
  • Gather and share with coaches and team managers the new athletes’ data (like medical history, athletic background, and contact details)

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a member of the medical community who aids patients in their recovery from injuries. To assist the patient regain strength and mobility, they assess the patient and the injury and create a therapy plan. Physical therapists instruct patients in restorative exercises and teach them about preventive care. To treat injuries sustained during a game, a physical therapist in the football industry might only deal with one team. Athletes are also taught workouts to prevent sprains and other injuries.

Job Description Of A Physical Therapist

  • Identify and meet patients’ goals and needs
  • Offer cost-effective treatments that help improve clients’ motion and mobility
  • Reduce the need for medications and provide alternatives to surgery
  • Develop care plans using a variety of treatment techniques
  • Create fitness- and wellness-oriented programs tailored to patients’ specific needs
  • Provide quality, personalized and evidence-based care, and proven interventions
  • Motivate patients during treatment to help them function optimally
  • Promote clients’ healthy lifestyles by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Consult and practice with other health professionals
  • Evaluate effects and monitor and communicate progress
  • Document patient care services


A dietician is a medical specialist who imparts knowledge on nutrition and good eating practices. To keep athletes healthy, dietitians collaborate with sports teams to create meal programs for them. They aid in the development of balanced diets and instruct athletes on what to eat to experience particular advantages, such as having more energy. Dietitians can create menus for food services as well.

Job Description Of A Dietician

  • Assessing players’ dietary needs.
  • Providing dietary advice and therapy to players with a range of conditions that relate to nutrition, such as diabetes or coeliac disease, eating disorders, and allergies.
  • Advising players on nutrition.
  • offering specialist advice to players with specific needs.
  • Devising nutrition plans.
  • Giving talks and presentations.
  • Carrying out research.
  • Educating players about nutrition.
  • Supervising dietetic assistants and supporting the work of other healthcare professionals.

Sports Anchor

A reporter who appears on newscasts to discuss sporting events is known as a sports anchor. They are employed by online webcasts and television news organizations. An on-air sports anchor produces news reports about sporting events as well as significant updates about athletes, teams, or other sports-related topics. To create more interesting content for viewers, they may interview athletes, coaches, and supporters. To report the news, they must stay current with current trends and occurrences in sports.

Job Description Of A Sports Anchor

  • Interviewing players, teams, coaches, and other sports figures about their achievements and experiences
  • Reporting on scores, statistics, and other information about sports events as they unfold
  • Writing scripts for commercials and other promotional materials used during broadcasts
  • Reporting on the latest news in the sports world through commentary, analysis, and interviews with coaches or athletes
  • Acting as a host or moderator of sports talk shows on television or radio stations
  • Reviewing game footage and researching statistics to prepare for broadcasts
  • Analyzing game strategies and player performances to predict outcomes of upcoming games
  • Reporting on newsworthy developments in sports such as trades, injuries, or draft picks
  • Interviewing guests about sports topics or conducting call-in interviews with listeners or viewers who have questions about sports

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