Joan Laporta shows bravado with claims that Barcelona don’t need to sell any top player in the summer


    The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta has claimed that the Blaugrana side do not need to make sales of players this summer in spite of the recurring necessity to reduce the wage bill of the club. 

    While speaking on Thursday at Camp Nou together with Barcelona’s Director of Football, Matheu Alemany, Laporta was confident about the Spanish club meeting their set goals.

    Joan Laporta
    Joan Laporta

    He also made statements relating to incomings in the summer transfer window. Joan Laporta said the sale of Antoine Griezmann back to Atlético Madrid coupled with the retirement of Gerrard Pique has helped bring some relieve to the club financially. 

    They got these two players off their wage bill and Laporta said they freed about £80m that would be useful in the upcoming summer transfer window. 

    This amount is yet to be included in the fresh calculations of the amount Barcelona could splash in preparation for the new season. 

    ‘We don’t need to sell any important players,’ said Laporta  

    He further said, “We will reinforce the squad.” 

    Laporta appeared to have given himself a cover when he added: “It is not strictly necessary to sell a top player this summer but the market always opens possibilities. It depends on the will of each player. But we are not obliged to sell because we think there are other solutions.” 

    Barcelona would possibly be pleading with La Liga authorities to free them of some financial burden in the next transfer window. 

    Matheu Alemany, The Director of Football of the club based in Catalonia stated emphatically: “We knew when we took over we were inheriting an unsustainable wage bill and it has been reduced to 655m euros.”

    Matheu Alemany

    “The reduction will be ongoing until it stands at 60 per cent of revenue. We forecast that the wage bill will be down to €450m (£398m) by the summer which is around 60-70 per cent of revenue and is an acceptable figure.” 

    “Now we have to try ensure that the league recognizes our effort and is flexible with us. If Javier Tebas talks about reducing our wage bill by €200m (£177m) from 2020-21 we are on course for that.” 

    Barcelona would also explore the possibilities of renewing the contracts of players by broadening the payment of salaries to many seasons.

    In addition to letting go of some of the players raking in high wages in order to strategically sort out and balance their books. 

    Joan Laporta when asked about one of La Masia’s prospect, Ansu Fati, he spoke in an impressive manner over the young lad. 

    Laporta said: “We have high hopes for him and are not aware that he wants to leave.”

    The President of Barcelona spoke of the financial matter in a manner that seemingly shows the level and type of understanding existing between La Liga and the club.

    “We will try to get the league to relax the rules that make it impossible for us to be competitive with other rivals”. 

    “Fair play is more benevolent in other championships. We can’t register players because of the salary limit set by the league. We have adapted, but we will try to keep fighting.” said Joan Laporta.

    Joan Laporta when questioned about the Super League

    He was also interrogated on the European Super League and he decided to go the appeasing route suggesting that UEFA will dialogue with the stakeholders of the ESL.

    When he was queried on if those making preparations for a Super League were ready to create a breakaway in European football between clubs in the UEFA Champions League and others in a fresh competition; Laporta answered: “We do not want to sideline UEFA, ‘We want to reach a good understanding with UEFA through dialogue in order to organise an attractive competition.” 


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