Relief for European Super League Clubs as Court reinstates protective ruling

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Madrid’s High Court has reinstated a ruling and intends in exploiting a leeway that covers clubs looking to begin a fresh competition – European Super League.

The vehement European Super League squabble between UEFA, FIFA and stakeholders of the ESL has followed a new path. A move that stakeholders of the ESL hope doesn’t put them in the sanctioning light of UEFA while still furthering other legal processes. 

However, the concluding judgment of the European Super League seem to be laying on whatever the European Court of Justice decides. 

But the A22 Sport Management, the company behind the contentious Super League, in a statement released recently states that they would still proceed on having more discussions with stakeholders. 

The statement partly reads “free from threats and other obstructive steps taken by UEFA and other bodies”. 

European Court of Justice shattered the possibility of the Super League commencing on the 15th of December, 2022.

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The European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice first of all gave a ruling that what FIFA and UEFA legally stipulates is in line with EU Competition law. 

It wasn’t out of place that the regulators of the sport would give the needed sanctions to clubs and players who want to go through that route. 

But all attention looks fixated on what the European Court of Justice give as their final judgment. 

Madrid’s High Court on UEFA and FIFA 

The High Court said that the pathway of sanctions and gatekeeping by UEFA and FIFA basically brings about “obstacles typical of closed and anachronistic models that are not in line with free competition and the principle of freedom of enterprise that prevails in Europe”.

Madrid’s High Court has fined UEFA and La Liga as the legal proceeding continues due to them acting in “procedural bad faith” and this is according to A22. 

They have also in swift manner told UEFA to pay several legal cost and fees.

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Super League: Bernd Reichart statements

The Chief Executive of A22, Bernd Reichart said: “We welcome the fact that this court decision allows A22 to freely continue the project of creating a new and exciting European football competition.

“It confirms that UEFA’s monopoly position cannot be used to pressure or threaten clubs, players or companies willing to innovate and invigorate competition in professional football. We will therefore continue our dialogue with football stakeholders in a new and more appropriate environment, free from threats and other obstructive steps taken by UEFA and other bodies.”

Bernd Reichart

UEFA remains mute on A22 Madrid’s high Court sojourn 

UEFA are still yet to say anything on what was put out in the High Court. 

Over 50 clubs were reached by ESL stakeholders, to feel their pulse on their interest in participating in the European Super League.

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Joan Laporta, The President of Barcelona football club said emphatically that he believes the Super League would come into fruition from 2025.

He also made it known that there are other clubs who also want to be a part of the Super League but have been feeble about their push for it. 

But there is still no concrete headway on when the Super League would commence

However, there has been wholesome agitations and more based on the look of things would still come. 

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