Hakim Ziyech Angry After Chelsea Fumbled PSG Transfer Documents


    Hakim Ziyech is furious that his January transfer to Paris Saint-Germain was turned down amid claims that Chelsea sent the incorrect paperwork to the French club on the deadline day.

    Hakim Ziyech Angry After Chelsea Fumbled PSG Transfer Documents

    According to French reports, Chelsea provided the wrong paperwork three times, delaying the official registration of Ziyech’s loan before the 11 p.m. deadline.

    PSG filed an appeal with the LFP, the body that oversees French football, but that was denied during a meeting on Wednesday morning, and Ziyech has been informed that he cannot join the Ligue 1 team.

    Ziyech was “upset,” according to sources close to the player, and Chelsea head coach Graham Potter now has the challenging task of reintegrating the Moroccan international into his team.

    Private allegations have also been made that Chelsea neglected to keep a watch on Ziyech’s intended move while working through the night to secure the British record signing of Enzo Fernandez.

    What stopped Hakim Ziyech from joining PSG?

    On the day before the transfer deadline, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea verbally agreed that winger Hakim Ziyech would be loaned to PSG. However, the deal fell through.

    Futballnews learned that the two clubs have reached an agreement on a loan contract without a buy-back clause for the Moroccan international following hours of negotiations.

    While the teams were still in negotiations, Ziyech flew to Paris to do his medical, but there is a significant problem with the deal.

    Futballnews gathered that Chelsea continuously delivered the wrong documents to PSG which led to the paperwork to be submitted late.

    Although PSG will have the chance to appeal to the French football authorities, sources on Tuesday evening indicated that they are not holding out much hope of signing the Moroccan international for the rest of the season.

    This is not PSG’s first setback in January; immediately before the Ziyech fiasco, the Ligue 1 powerhouses were unsuccessful in their pursuit of Malcom.

    Hakim Ziyech Angry After Chelsea Fumbled PSG Transfer Documents

    Additionally, they planned to sign Milan Skriniar before the deadline.

    The defender will finish his Inter contract before moving to Paris in the summer, despite reaching an agreement with the Parisiens.

    PSG Blast Chelsea Over Collapsed Loan Transfer – Set To Appeal It

    Hakim Ziyech’s failed loan to Paris Saint-Germain is apparently being appealed after Chelsea three times failed to submit the required papers.

    The player had already gone to Paris to conduct a physical, and the Ligue 1 team appeared to have everything under control.

    The Athletic has now reported that Chelsea did not submit the required documentation prior to Tuesday’s transfer deadline; a source from PSG has called the scenario a “Class A Circus.”

    According to sources, Chelsea delivered the incorrect paperwork up to three times, with the proper copy finally arriving at midnight local time (23:00 English time), which was way too late for a deal to go through.

    PSG is now prepared to file an appeal with the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), but it is believed that the matter will not be addressed given the LFP’s track record of harshness in such situations.

    Ziyech will therefore have to spend the rest of the season at Chelsea even though he traveled to Paris to complete the transfer.

    The Moroccan international had a number of Premier League clubs, including AC Milan, Roma, RB Leipzig, and others, as admirers, but he explicitly picked PSG as his next stop.


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